What Makes You Feel Happy In Life?

cat.jpgI heard one of the best advice today which is: 10% of the things in life we have no control over, but 90% of the things in life we are in control of. There is so much truth in this. How many of us have gotten upset or allowed something that is out of our control to ruin a whole day, week or even year? Perhaps you had an argument with a friend, partner or co-worker or you had an accident. Although this is out of your control, you allowed negative feelings to build up. It made you end up feeling angry or sad all day, feel stressed and caused you to attract bad things to happen during the day (eg. spilling things on yourself or tripping over the stairs). I’ve definitely allowed things out of my control to build up, which is not healthy in order to live a happy life.

Many of us often feel that life will be happy when… Rather than deciding to be happy now, regardless of the circumstance. Many of us complain from the smallest things, even when we don’t notice it. I say this, because I definitely have periods of time where I realise that I’m having negative thoughts wandering in my mind and allowing it to affect my mood, which is something I really want to avoid as someone who strives to be positive. We blame and complain on things that are often out of our control, rather then let them be. We may worry about things that will very most likely never happen, and if they do happen it’s never as bad as we imagine. For the new week I really want myself and anyone who may stumble across these words, to really think about what makes you happy. You might find that it’s often the simple things in life :)

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

art by Lieke van der Vorst


  1. A positive state of mind can be quite challenging nowadays with all the noise both in social media and the news. It keeps me up at night sometimes and feel like I have no control over my thoughts going haywire. But you are right to say we can control things. We can always control what we want to see, hear or even feel and only allow what makes us happy to come in.
    Also, my decision of staying at home (this year) and finding joy with the mundane stuff and household chores has really opened my mind that the simple things in life are just in front of us.

    1. That’s true, especially with so many distractions nowadays. The best thing is that positivity will always be just as contagious, even though the media clouds us with negative news. I can relate to the feeling of ones thoughts going haywire. Sometimes I think about some of the bad things that go on in the world, and I wish it could change. In the end, happiness is a choice in our everyday life. That’s wonderful to hear :) there is always a particular sense of enjoyment when doing/finishing all the chores!

  2. This is absolutely true.. I also came across a quote the other day with a similar message: “Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances.” I really live by these kinds of quotes, because it’s a strong reminder that we have complete autonomy over own happiness, and that it’s a choice, not a result of something that happens.
    Katie, I have a blog post request for you! I see that you post pretty much every (other) day with all your posts being of really good quality and content. Could you do a post on your blogging schedule, plan and inspiration? I would really love to read that. (But only if you don’t mind!)

    1. What a beautiful quote. It reminded me of when I was doing some English teaching in Taiwan to children who have grown up with a hard background, they were some of the most energetic, happy and kind people I was lucky to encounter. Thank you so much – I’m flattered by your comment :) Although, truth be told I don’t put blog writing on my to-do list, simply because I’m extremely spontaneous with blog writing!

      Many of the topics fly in my head during the week from my personal interests (eg. fashion, music, art), something I read during the week (book, article), a conversation I have with someone, an experience I had during the week, common stereotypes, writing to understand my life as an introvert, an art work, a film I watched, questions that I want to answer that may not be written online. I hope that gives a semi-window to how I come up with ideas!

      1. Thanks for your answer! I asked because when I first started blogging, I kind of posted out of spontaneity as well, but I realized that that gave me little time to go over my posts and correct grammar mistakes (besides the fact that I took too long designing my awful post images). So then I started pre-planning my posts, and I think I was more satisfied with my writing style for that. What I hope to achieve is to have both good content and a near-flawless writing style. I oftentimes end up dissatisfied with my blog topics or the content in general, but based on what you said… I think it’s just experience.
        I’m not blogging as much at the moment because I’m focusing entirely on my college essays and have other things going on, but your posts have inspired me to be more open-minded and more ‘carefree’ in terms of what I blog about :)

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