Five Acts Of Self Love For A Positive Day

6734dac4bc01ba45d8ea999c867f852e.jpgThis blog post is in collaboration with the lovely Elly-Grace from Dancing In Violent Fields. Check out her blog post 5 Random Acts of Kindness here! Self love is the ultimate way we are able to have a more peaceful world. One can only love others, when they love and embrace themselves. We’ve all felt the words that may pop inside of our heads on a bad hair day or when we look at ourselves in the mirror and notice a perceived flaw. We are also far less likely to judge others, if we are comfortable in our own skin. Self love is the true act of love we need, especially in the age of the selfie.

An example of bad self talk is the many years I spent being conscious of my crooked teeth. This small thing made me feel really negative about my self image. Most of the time, people don’t even notice or they truly couldn’t care less, but there’s something about our biggest insecurities that seem to be magnified in our mind. After going through the roller-coasters of the ups and downs with my relationship with my own body image and my inner self, I learned some key things that are really important to incorporate into daily life in order to live a more well balanced life.

1. Exercise. Whether it’s a 10 minute walk outside or a long session at the gym, exercise is a really great way to show your body love. Your body needs movement to keep it strong and healthy. It also makes your mood feel uplifted and feel a better sense of self image as well as feeling more self confident in your own skin.

2. Think Good Thoughts. Positive self talk is the key to feeling happy. It’s easy to think negative aspects of yourself throughout the day, rather than showering yourself with kind words. Making a habit of waking up with a positive thought, has a huge influence on whether you will have a good or bad day. A good mindset sets a good day ahead.

3. Eat healthy foods and drink water. Last year, my body was so dehydrated that I ended up going to the doctors twice. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to drink enough water. I wrote a little more about it here. Eating healthy foods affects your body and mind, your overall health and your mood.

4. Embrace your hobbies. Whether it’s pressing dead leaves onto paper or playing a musical instrument, it’s important to do whatever sets your soul on fire each day. I like to think of it as refueling your tank (for want of a better example).

5. Enjoy doing nothing. This might sound a little boring or perhaps you might wonder what to do. Laugh at a funny video, write in your journal or just day dream. Being able to be in your own company and do absolutely nothing, allows you time in your own thoughts and time to reflect on the positive moments during a day.

About Dancing In Violent Fields

Dancing In Violent Fields is a lifestyle and travel blog for souls seeking inspiration. Elly-Grace is usually daydreaming about a Greek Summer so she writes as a means of escape. She often struggles between the need for travel money and the battle of wanting to spend money on coffee dates.


Instagram: @dancinginviolentfields



art by Yelena Bryksenkova

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