The Subtle Signs That Mean You Are A Cat Person

6ecb14289121daeecdbda091c6c748bb.jpgMy boyfriend and I constantly have a battle between why cats or dogs are better as a pet. Cats have always been part of my childhood growing up, as I had a ginger, tabby and black and white cat. My simple reason is that cats need less training, in terms of behaving and toilet training. They sleep for most of the hours of the day, are a great companion when sad and have a wonderful way of cheering you up by getting comfortable sitting on your lap. Cats are very clever and cheeky animals, but also incredibly loving. My old cat Summer used to regularly bring us home a dinner by placing it nicely in front of each persons door.

These subtle (and not so subtle) points are mostly from my experience, but hopefully some cat lovers cat relate.

They sleep with you on the bed. Under covers, beside your head or across your legs. Purring through the night. They love to cuddle beside you and share your body warmth.

You prefer their laid back nature. With the exception of their hunting hours and night time adventures. I do love dogs, but there are some that can be very overwhelmingly energetic.

Your clothing always has cat hair on it. Especially if your cat loves to be held or sit on your lap, you are more than likely to have cat hairs around the house.

When you go to the toilet, you leave a gap open. Believe it or not it happens more often, as this article here mentions. My cat would always sit outside if I left the door closed.

You leave the unpacked boxes for your cat. There’s something about cats with small spaces. They love it. Christmas time was a very happy time for them.

Playing with them with a string. Cats and strings can be so entertaining.

Taking photos with your cat. I can’t count the amount of pictures I’d take with my cats with a smile on my face, while they look sweetly unimpressed.

You get excited when you see a cat on the street. Living in Sydney, there was often a black cat that I regularly saw. Each time I see a cat I feel like a child again, curious and eager to pat it.

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8 thoughts on “The Subtle Signs That Mean You Are A Cat Person

  1. You can´t beat a cats independence! Mr Midnight and Sir Winston always remind me! Best regards from my two furry friends and myself over at the “Gilmours Nice Place” blog. :)

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