When People Use Their Phone On A Date With You


20hoax-jumbo.jpgI remember sitting in Starbucks with a friend, and as we sat there for an hour, the couple beside us spent the period of time taking selfies, texting on their phone and not talking to one another. It sort of translates the message that technology, indeed, can make us more unsocial, rather than social. I remember having one or two friends who would often be on their phones when we hanged out. Although, this rarely happens to me anymore when I am on a lunch date with a friend, I noticed it a lot more in the last few years. There is a conceived need to send a text immediately or reply an email straight away. I do feel most of the time when we’re with someone, the notification can wait an hour, but I feel there is an idea that we need to instantly reply people.

The beauty of conversations is that both people are engaged in each others presence. It’s being comfortable in the silence. When I’m with a friend, the conversation flows and has a few natural pauses here and there, but when a phone comes into the picture it feels like a sudden interruption and it feels that the person isn’t respecting you, as their attention is towards their phone. It gives the impression that they don’t care for your time or they have more important matters to attend to. You may say something, and they may answer with “Sorry, can you please repeat that”.

The things that make me sad is when I go to restaurants, sit on the bus or ride the train and see babies already using and playing on phones. The world is changing faster than we can keep up with. Appreciate your own company, rather than always relying on using a phone. After moving overseas, it’s those physical interactions with friends and family that I miss the most. Being able to hug someone, laugh with them and share wonderful conversations and memories. Memories that can’t be captured on a phone.

Have you ever had an experience like this? How did it make you feel?

art by @sainthoax

2 thoughts on “When People Use Their Phone On A Date With You

  1. I love this so much. Too often I catch myself on my phone with my friends rather than talking to them. There’s even a false sense of connection when you spend time together on your phones doing a game or something. You feel like somehow you are still spending quality time together! But the truth is that it is usually more rewarding to put away technology when you are together.

  2. Thanks Rachel! Yes, that’s a good way to put it – a false sense of connection. Exactly! That’s why I make it a habit to not use my person when I’m with other people unless we’re doing something like taking photos or looking on a map

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