5 Things Highly Sensitive People Want You To Know

4974aa3ea0eacff34d5646c46437934d.jpgThis may not be the perfect image to explain the highly sensitive person, but I wanted to make this post more from my own personal point of view as an introvert (note: not all HSP’s are necessarily introverts). I’m very much like the girl in the image in the sense that I feel colourful in my mind when I’m doing something enjoyable in an environment I feel comfortable and creative in without any distractions. As a more quiet soul, and as well as an INFJ, I have felt a lot of misconceptions in terms of being an introvert, being sensitive and being a more quiet person. I could probably expand more on being an HSP in the workplace or in social situations, but I will just touch on the general things that most HSP’s may feel too.

1) We feel very deeply and our thoughts are very often unseen. Most people will speak out what they are thinking in their mind. However, most HSP’s will keep many of their thoughts to themselves. We can feel an overwhelming amount of emotions from the smallest seemingly things, such as smells, lighting and noise and more obvious things such as a stressful situations. Many of us are very empathetic and don’t like to say things that might affect someone negatively. If I’m ever in a group conversation, I’m very often the listener.

2) We feed off creativity and having the ability to tap in our inner world. We desire the need to express our emotions and reduce any stress, anxiety or tension if we have any. Creativity is imagination. It is a wonderful world inside of ourselves that we need in order to have energy, inspiration and motivation. We may find it in drawing, reading, dancing, singing, playing an instrument, writing or whatever else it may be. Being able to express ourselves through creativity is such an important aspect of being an HSP.

3) We don’t deal well in situations with people who are forceful and loud. This point is mostly from my personal experience. I clash easily with highly extroverted and loud individuals who are more forceful and blunt. Nor do I tend to deal well with managers who are more on the insensitive side and are direct in an unkind way. Especially the ones who never offer any praise and make one feel negative. It can really cause us to want to escape from the situation and avoid having to interact with the person.

4) We take many things to heart and can be easily amused or easily upset. This is an individual’s journey, as many things I have had to learn to let it fly by and not let it get to me too much. But there are certain things that hurt us as we often care too much. There are many matters in the world that many HSP’s care deeply about, and wish they could do something about it. As someone who is highly sensitive, listening to music or eating great food can be a simple way to feel happy. If a person is funny and amusing to me, it’s easy for me to laugh and smile around them. If a film is extremely emotional and touching, it’s very easy for me to cry.

5) We believe that sensitivity should be seen as a strength, not a weakness. The biggest misconception of sensitivity is that it is a weak trait. This is definitely not the case. I’ve always found it interesting how many people are able to let certain things slide past them, but they will talk about it negatively to their friends or family. The truth is we are all sensitive.Sensitivity allows us to connect with other people and really meet people in a heart to heart way.

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5 thoughts on “5 Things Highly Sensitive People Want You To Know

    1. Thank you for this comment. You explained some of the best qualities and examples of sensitivity so well :) Sensitivity and kindness are two extremely important things to have as a person.

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