The Feeling Of Being A 20 Year Old So Far

tumblr_m8cifw51nm1r7c5r8o1_500It was one month after my birthday when I wanted to write about this, as the feeling of being 2o sunk in a lot deeper than expected. However, now that 4 months has flown by, I feel that I can list everything more smoothly and sanely. As much as I know that age is just a number, the emphasis of no longer being a teenager sinks in even more when you know that you have reached two decades of life. It’s a wonderful and scary thing at the same time. There are many perks and new experiences you will face.

here are some of the things I’ve felt from being a 20 year old so far…

There are no excuses anymore for being young. This may be from the fact that I left home at 16. At the time, people were far more laid back and I would often hear “Don’t worry, you’re still young!” but as the years go by, you are expected to know what you are doing in your life.

You feel like you aren’t quite an adult. I definitely feel like my silly and imaginative self far more when I’m in my own world. When talking to adults, I feel the need to hide those aspects of myself. You will also feel like there is a lot that you still don’t know, which is completely normal.

Adults are strange human beings. I say this in the most possibly The Little Prince way. As a semi-somewhat adult, I feel I cannot fully relate to many adults just yet. There are many adults who act in a way where they think they are always right, adults who are truly wise and adults who have surprisingly unexpected good humour. It’s a whole ‘nother world in the adult world.

People will ask your age more often. From my experience, 20 is the age where I look like I could pass as a teenager or someone in my something 20’s.  It’s the slightly awkward stage where people will ask you if you’re still in high school, what you do as a job or what you’re studying in university.

You will begin the journey of learning, failing and succeeding. You will for sure have experiences you wish you didn’t have to experience, but they will teach you a lot about yourself and other people. They will also teach you how to deal with situations better next time. If you don’t make mistakes, then you’ll never learn and grow.

Grocery Shopping and seeing discounts becomes a joy. This was definitely true when I left home, but at 20 I am more serious about saving money, and seeing bananas and avocados at low price or almond milk on sale makes me so happy.

Saving money becomes one of your top priority. It sinks in a lot more that you will need money to buy a house and a car in the future. You will need money to travel  to your favourite countries. You will need money to pay for your future children’s education and various other things that you will need money to pay.

Realising how much time I like to spend by myself. At 20 years old, I realise how much I only need a small amount of friends to be happy, and how much I like to spend 80% of my time alone. All my hobbies (reading, writing, walking, watching movies, exercising, cooking etc) are things that I generally do alone.

Exercising regularly becomes a routine. Fast metabolism is not going to last forever. I believe that as you grow older, your metabolism naturally slows down, and in order to maintain your health it’s important to exercise regularly.

The question “What am I doing with my life” sinks in. Many people in university may also feel this way, as I know it’s common to still feel unsure even when one is studying a degree. It’s the uncertainty of what specific job and asking myself will I enjoy it. Life is unpredictable. I remember talking to a few adults who told me they changed their careers several times throughout their lives. It’s okay to try different things.

Discovering who you are as a person. At 20, I feel more sure of who I am, what I like/don’t like, people I like being surrounded by and the things I feel passionate about compared to my younger high school self. At the same time, I still have a lot more experiences to go through and a lot more to discover about myself.

Being aware of eating healthy and drinking water. Good health and staying hydrated is something you will become more and more aware of. I mentioned previously in a post, that I went to the doctors several times in the last year, and it really made me realise how important it is to remember to drink water throughout the day and eat! I am 3 months meat-free so far and can feel the health benefits.

Fashion personal style changes and choices. In my teen years I wore a lot more cute clothing, with lace, bows and florals. However, I noticed I wear a lot more monochrome clothing now, with staple pieces of black and grey. I take far far less time to get dressed and don’t really think too much of it now, whereas my teen years, getting dressed seemed to be a very important thing.

You start thinking about marriage and your career. Thinking about the future is inescapable. As you enter your 20’s there’s definitely a consideration for the next step. I start thinking about when I might get married, have children, what job I might be doing in 5 years time and which city I will be living in. By all means, reminding myself to stay in the moment, but 20 seems to bring all these questions into my mind.

Keeping your plants alive makes you feel accomplished. It truly does. If you can take care of yourself independently that is the most important thing. But being able to keep plants alive by remembering to water them, makes one feel like there’s a chance of getting a cat or two some day.

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8 thoughts on “The Feeling Of Being A 20 Year Old So Far

  1. I am older than you, but this post resonated with me so much. Though I’ve left the child and teenage years for a while now, I still feel caught in between being a kid and an ‘adult’. We generally view adults as those who have more responsibilities. But that does not mean they, we, cannot have fun or act a bit crazy every now and then. “you are expected to know what you are doing in your life.” The older we get, the more experiences we have, and we learn from our mistakes. Hopefully.

    I too feel very happy when I see groceries on sale at the supermarket! Budgeting is something I do, and I always like to have something to tuck away for a rainy day or for the future. At Woolies or Coles, I always ask myself, “Is this a want or need”. Same goes for other purchases. In the near future I hope to transition to clear out my life, clear out clutter and live a minimalist life :D

    1. Hi Mabel, thank you so much for your comment. Hehe yes, budgeting is great. I’m sure everyone likes to see a good deal, but growing up in an Asian family, we always take particular time to see the best option. Ah yes that sounds great! I am living in one of the smaller places I have since moving out of home and it has really taught me a lot about owning more things one needs, rather than owning things that won’t be used. I think what you said is very wise “The older we get, the more experiences we have, and we learn from our mistakes. Hopefully.” because I suppose it’s not so much about age, but more about our own acceptance to change and learn from mistakes more than anything.

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying it :)I agree – I feel much more sure about myself than say, even 3 years ago. I feel that transition from teenager to adult is so significant and we all change so much in so many ways during those years!

  2. You seem like you are starting your twenties out much wider than I. Cheers to many lessons learned and wisdom. 😊 great post! Your a very intelligent young lady.

    1. Thank you for your comment – I definitely have a great deal more to learn, but thank you for your kind comment, it made me smile :) Cheers, and to many more experiences ahead x

  3. Oh~ Being twenty.., you are still a baby Katie!!! (I’m sure that you’ve heard that many times too!) The thing is, I have so much advice to give to my 20-year-old-self (if I could turn back time) BUT I don’t think my 20-year-old-self would take any of it!!!

    C’est la vie!!!

    Viv X

    1. Haha that’s very true, I really need to embrace being young. I remember talking to a co-worker 5 years ago, and she told me that time only keeps going, you just got to make the most of it! Thank you for your comment xx

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