You Are Capable Of Much More Than Looking Pretty

5779de052f3190a73919c29d8209353d.jpgWhen I was younger, whenever there was a new girl at school, one of the girls at school (who later became a fashion model) and her friends would always ask “is she prettier than us?” It was quite sad to see that many young girls already put their self worth on physical attractiveness, comparing themselves to others and getting more attention from other boys at school at a young age. I felt the need to write about this, because it is more apparent in our media, society and everyday life more than ever. The amount of emphasis that women (and men) put on surface leveled things are so common that it is almost made normal. The amount of importance placed on looks can be detrimental.

One of the causes of eating disorders, body dysmorphia, depression and various other illnesses arise from the simple thinking that our self worth comes from the way we look. Young people are exposed more than ever to a level of perfection that is unattainable in the ‘real’ world. The amount of images that are filtered and edited are more than we realise. I was watching an interview with Audrey Hepburn. As one of the most undeniably beautiful and kind hearted human being, you could see in her eyes that she did not see her physical beauty the way others do, when she spoke about the way people described her physicality. She talks about how she goes home like everyone and spends time doing her own things.

We must advocate for health, kindness and rising others up. The issue is that health is determined by image very much of the time. Women are always being looked at, analysed and judged heavily for their appearances. You are able to do more than you know, than being looked at. Every person has unique abilities and talents to contribute to something powerful and positive in the world. There is something inside of you that no one else has. Time is all we have at the end of the day. To spend too much time thinking about appearances is a great loss.

Life is beautiful when you are in the moment, unconcerned about appearing beautiful as you try to live. When you think of your happiest times, were they only when you snapped the moment on Social Media? Were you happiest when you were spending time to appear happy or attractive to others? Happiness and beauty come from living – truly living and ultimately comes from within. Life is a gift. It is all about the feeling, but often we are told it is about what it appears to others and ourselves. To feel truly happy and satisifed, is to not care whether it is seen by others.

Photograph by Parker Fitzgerald

8 thoughts on “You Are Capable Of Much More Than Looking Pretty

  1. Hmm
    There is so much truth in this
    Society has convinced too many of us that we are supposed to base our self-worth on such a silly thing and it’s damaging the way we see ourselves, carry ourselves, present ourselves.
    Thank you for this!

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