INFJ Careers That Have Creativity And Meaning

5c352378472fe06d97b303ae24b29001.jpgI grew up playing music, drawing and writing. Creativity was always something that made me feel alive. I have been a music teacher, office assistant, cafe waitress, juice maker, fashion writer, yoghurt store assistant, marketing assistant and various other jobs over the years that allowed me to know more about myself and what I truly care about and enjoy doing. After finishing a job last year, I researched on suitable jobs for INFJ’s. There are definitely many other jobs which will not be listed that are enjoyable for some INFJ’s. They do not necessarily have to be in the creative industry. We are very passionate individuals, and if it is anything we feel strongly for, then we will most likely enjoy it.

As an INFJ, I feel we are very caring, emotional, empathetic, helpful and passionate souls. We yearn to do work that feels a sense of meaning or allows us to contribute in making a difference. Other times it’s the need to have an outlet of self expression and creativity. Many INFJ’s are typically independent workers who are most productive in calm environments. We would much rather do a job we enjoy and love, than do a job for money or social status. If a career runs with our personal values, that is far more important than anything else. Many INFJ’s find joy in the arts and other industries: not-for-profit, health care, social service, education.

I know that the best situation for many INFJ’s is to be their own boss.We like a fair situation in the working environment, where no one is talked down on, but treated the same. As long as we feel we have the creative freedom and the ability to be in control of many aspects of our job, as well as a career that is align with our values, it can give us the satisfaction we need. We don’t want a job that feels soul destroying or energy draining. The environment we are in, the people we are surrounded with and the difference we can make in a job, will influence the enjoyment and long term motivation to keep going. If you are an INFJ, it doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to one of these careers or that you won’t be happy elsewhere.

If there are any particular jobs that may come to mind, please let me know and I am happy to add it to the list. 


Actor, Animator, Architect, Art Director, Art Historian, Artist, Art/Museum Curator, Interior/Graphic/Fashion Designer, Author, Book Shop Assistant, Choreographer, Creative Writer, Creative Director, Composer, Dancer, Editor, Film Critic, Film Director, Librarian, Makeup Artist, Music Therapist, Musician, Painter, Philosopher, Playwright, Photographer, Poet, Singer, Stylist, Technical Writer, Translator, Writer


Accountant, Coaching, Environmental Attorney, Financial Advisor, HR Manager, Corporate Trainer, WordPress Developer, Software Engineer


Early Childhood Teacher, Music Teacher, Lecturer/Professor, Primary Teacher, School Counselor, Special Education Teacher, Tutor

Health Care

Acupuncturist, Care giver, Chiropractor, Dentist, Dietician, Doctor, Human Resources Worker, Mental Health Carer, Nurse, Nutritionist, Pharmacist, Yoga Instructor, Veterinian


Community Worker, Environmental Worker, Human Rights Advocate, Humanitarian


Biologist, Botanist, Food Scientist, Research Assistant, Sociologist,

Social Service

Career Counselor, Clergy, Psychologist, Social Worker, Religious Educator, Therapist


Animal Shelter Volunteer, Blogger, Dog Trainer, Entrepeneur, Florist, Freelancer, Missionary, Priest, Social Media Marketing, Self-Employed, Stay at home parent, Zoologist

If you’re an INFJ: what job would you like to have or what job are you currently in? Do you enjoy it?

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9 thoughts on “INFJ Careers That Have Creativity And Meaning

  1. Fellow INFJ here :) I’m a pediatric occupational therapist (healthcare category) and I LOVE what I do! Helping kids meet developmental milestones in a meaningful way, and having a meaningful, supportive relationship with their parents is so rewarding. I have my own practice, so yes I love being my own boss :) Great article !

  2. Hi. Civil engineer INFJ (note: aways lost during graduation). Nowadays I work at an energy company (state-owned), hierarchical and conservative. I’m slowly dying here, creativity is not allowed, only power matters in a competitive environment. Currently, older than when I started graduation, i’m pretty sure i should be an architect. So that’s my dream. It’s really hard to achieve it, because I’d have to give up money and stability. The question is: How much does your happiness cost?
    Thanks for the space. Sorry about the english!
    Recently discovered your page, really like it!!

    1. Hi Renato, Thank you for sharing your experience, and I can definitely relate to the feeling of wanting to pursue ones dream! I hope you will discover something that makes work feel much more enjoyable, as we will spend a significant amount of our life working. I can’t imagine not being able to express creativity in a job, and I hope you can find one one day that allows it. As an INFJ I can definitely relate to the perspective towards hierarchy and power. INFJ’s tend to prefer working and communicating as equals if possible. Engineering and Architect are very well connected, and that’s a wonderful dream. Thank you so much, I’m glad you like it :)

  3. Thank you for this article. I, as in INFJ, am having a tough time deciding whether to stay in social work, or to jump whole heartedly into art as a career. Part of me wants art, but is troubled by how little art affects people today to make the world a better place. It seems social work would be more effective. Art making seems selfish?

  4. Hi Janet, thanks for your comment. I know what you mean, in the sense that appreciation for reading a book, going to the theatre, staring at art in a gallery..those parts of everyday life aren’t so much in other’s everyday life. Arts is definitely a wonderful area because without it the world would be far less colourful and creative! Those are two great areas that you’re interested in (social work and art).

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