The Concept Of The Perfect Body Doesn’t Exist

b480987888e5cfb0d8dda62845fdeab3.jpgWe eat, sleep, move, laugh, cry and live with our bodies. Cherishing the body and keeping it healthy is such an important way to show your body respect. However, there is an unrealistic built up idea of standardised beauty that having a flat stomach, being thin, having a full chest and a toned smooth body is the definition of beautiful. I think it’s good to find someone motivating in their fitness and health, but I don’t think it should be motivating and inspiring to think of someones physique as something you would like to attain. If one wants to be fit then they can absolutely do so, but the constant comparison with other women’s (or men’s) bodies are quite unhealthy and can be very harmful.

When we talk about accepting the curvy body, thin body or the plus size body, shouldn’t all individual bodies be embraced regardless of a label? The fact is every persons body is built differently, and there is no one size fits all. A persons health is not wholly determined by ones body size (unless of course someone appears obese or malnourished). It’s almost accepted in a way for women to put themselves down, but it’s seen as egotistic to call themselves beautiful. It’s also accepted in many places for individuals to have plastic surgery. Again, it’s a persons decision, but unfortunately many people do have plastic surgery to strive for the ‘beauty standard look.’

Remember that your physical beauty does not define you or make you a better person. It should never give anyone the right to treat others differently either. I remember watching an interview of a supermodel who talked about how she is an inspiration to other girls. In the interview she talks about her fashion shoots and how she became a model from being scouted. No one should place their self worth upon the way they look. Even the word itself ‘perfect’ is impossible, as online it says perfect means as good as it is possible to be. The truth is – no one is perfect. Perfection is unattainable. That’s what makes us different and allows us to appreciate all kinds of beauty.

It seems funny that the ultimate thing that keeps us alive, is often abused by the media or ourselves for not being good enough. Self acceptance will always come from within. After eating a lot more healthier this year and exercising regularly, I have come to love my body far more than the previous years when I had negative self talk towards it. Feed your body with good foods, drink water, exercise regularly, laugh often and practice positive self talk to your body and soul. Your mind will feed off of that and you will feel like a happier person because of it. Your body is a beautiful place to be, be kind to it. 

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2 thoughts on “The Concept Of The Perfect Body Doesn’t Exist

  1. “Your body is a beautiful place to be. Be kind to it”.
    I loved that line best.
    We have little idea how fortunate we are to dwell in such a fortified and peculiar habitation.
    They world has distorted our reasoning and now we take it for granted.
    Lovely piece, I enjoyed it ☺

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