The Ideal Environment For INFJs In The Workplace

tumblr_mv31nydiV81s5dju7o1_500.jpgIt seems near impossible to thrive within an environment that is toxic or lacks motivation for anyone. I’ve been pondering about this for a long time, because I feel that I am quite particular about the sort of environment I want to work in. I previously touched on what is a suitable job for an INFJ and HSP, and very much they tend to be the ones that can express creativity, help others, make a difference or have an independent space (freelance, work from home). As someone who needs to express oneself through creativity, it can be very distracting to be in an environment that has ongoing noise, people talking, the radio playing and a crowded surrounding.

As an INFJ, I feel that we crave the need to do something that has a sense of purpose. It makes us feel we are making a difference or doing something positive in the world. We have a desire to always grow, learn and pursue what we feel passionate about. In whatever job we do, many of us may feel the need and importance to do something that follows out values and beliefs. A frustration would be working in an environment everyday that goes against what we truly desire or feel motivated in. Many INFJs prefer an environment where there is no hierarchy and everyone works equally.

An environment which respects sensitivity and equality is very important. We feel most productive when working independently and have the ability to share ones ideas and creativity clearly. If the INFJ is not working at home or as their own manager, the manager they have can significantly influence their feelings towards the job and working environment. In order for both people to get a long, the manager will need to respect the INFJs views of being treated as an equal. I know from personal experience, if  I feel I am not being treated right, then it can instantly cause a negative feeling towards the job. We need some encouragement every now and then, and a fair way of criticising our work for better improvement.

INFJs are often the one who is open to listen, remain positive and don’t want to contribute to any conflict that can arise in the work place. The only issue is that they can often become the listening ear of someone elses problems. An environment that is good and positive is important for an INFJ to feel comfortable. They don’t like to be surrounded by negativity and it can significantly influence their productivity. Overall, we don’t have time for those who will be negatively judgmental or affect our values. INFJs very much want everyone to get a long without any arguments or drama. An environment where it’s positive, friendly, safe, calm and doesn’t hold much or any distractions can be a simple space where INFJs can thrive.

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10 thoughts on “The Ideal Environment For INFJs In The Workplace

  1. This post just described me and how I feel towards a perfect workplace. Searching for a new job I felt most important was being drama free but also a place where I can be Independant. I finally figured out why I feel so different than everyone else and that’s cause I’m an INFJ.

    1. Hi Audrey, I’m glad you could relate to it. Absolutely – and I find being able to feel independent in your work space can make one feel more productive and focused.

  2. Excellent Post. The odd thing is, Im an ENTJ, and i agree with a lot of your points. It’s probably because I have a lot of introvert traits too, and I think im an empath. The modern workplace is too cluttered and hectic for my tastes. I also dont like the forced group work thing thats going on.

    I hope we both find the work method or place that suits us.

  3. Love this post. Been an introvert all my life, I figured out very late that the problem is not me, but the people around who do not understand that I have a different style of working. I prefer to solve problems rather than go around back stabbing people which people excel in. Workplace bullying nearly killed me…I am out of the corporate world, struggling, but will surely succeed some day.

    1. Thank you Sudhir. I’m glad you could relate to the post. Absolutely, I feel that it would be extremely beneficial if the work place environment was catered to both introverts and extroverts. I’m very sorry to hear your terrible experience, no one should have to go through that. All the best with everything – it can only get better!

      1. Thanks Katie…. I blog about workplace bullying and majority of the times, it’s the introverts who are easy targets because they like to put their head down and do their job.
        I am advising people to send out a strong e-mail to stop bullying.

  4. I will have a read over at your blog. I find that’s very true from personal experience, very often it’s the introverts who are focused on their jobs, that seem to be targeted.

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