Remember This When You Feel Life Is Hard

George Hendrik Breitner Girl in Red Kimono Model Geesje Kwak via It's about time - was a cold Spring night and the streets were beginning to feel deserted. The air feels icy and you can’t quite feel your nose or ears. I was outside in the quiet hours of the night with my boyfriend. Ahead of us was an ambulance and we saw them assisting an old man that we regularly see. He is homeless and has a pet dog, who is one of the most loyal dogs I’ve ever seen. The dog sat still and calmly, but the dog’s face looked full of sadness. The old man had fainted from starvation and the ambulance workers looked very sad. He was awake now, and as we walked by I could feel a wave of warmth that I wanted to send his way. A feeling of comfort in the blanket-less nights that he was sure to endure. There are many things we see or hear in life that puts things into perspective. That the problems we feel are hard in our lives, can seem so incredibly small to someone else.

Be grateful for when you wake up in the morning to your soft pillows and comfortable blankets. Be grateful for the delicious meal you had for lunch as well as the banana smoothie you drank. Fill your heart with all the things you are deeply blessed to have. Then you will realise just how much wealth you have. We often think of wealth and riches in terms of money. But wealth also means having valuable belongings, a healthy well-being, eating to a satisfied stomach and the loved ones who surround you and make your life far richer and colourful. The inner world inside of you that imagines and creates. There is far more we have, if we just take the time to remember to count them.

Remember this when you feel life is hard: You are blessed to have the things in your life. You are far stronger than you know and you have the ability to make a positive difference in the world. All you have to do is believe in yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t and most of all – don’t believe them. We are our greatest judge, but we are also capable of being the kindest souls. It’s all within us. I do not believe that anyone is born to be bad. That is something that is learned, influenced or adopted over time. When you feel it’s getting tough – don’t give up. Keep going and know that each breath we have is precious, each new day we live is a blessing.

Art by George Hendrik Breitner – Femme en kimono rouge

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