Mirador ‘Eating Well’ AW16 Collection

mirador.jpgMirador is an ethical fashion brand based in Australia, designed by Lauren Elise Cassar. The first time I came across the Nonna Organic Sweater, I fell in love. Mirador combines art with fashion and uses only high quality fabrics with minimal and classic designs. What I love is their distinct style and the timeless pieces that don’t follow daily trends, but uses daily inspirations. These garments are designed to be worn year after year, encouraging long term wear and a deeper appreciation for personal style.

The products are ethically cut, made and sewn in Melbourne and are accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. In Spanish, Mirador means lookout. Lauren’s design expresses the fond memory of warmer months and the admiration of something grander than oneself. Each design is created with wonderful colours, prints, marble textures and artistic paint strokes to suggest strong femininity. Giving every individual long lasting yet stylish, high quality garment that are locally made and genuinely hand crafted. Check out the collection here.

download (1)download (2)download (3)download (4)download (5)

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