We Need Empathy And Sensitivity In The World

eWe care more about ourselves. I say this very lightly, because of course we care about those we love. We would never want to see them get hurt. Yet, in this world, it is easy to forget to be sensitive, kind and understanding. It’s easy to forget to be empathetic, caring and loving. It’s easier to make assumptions, avoid the situation and carry on with our own lives because it didn’t affect us. An example would be depression. There is a huge misunderstanding with mental illnesses. A huge stigma attached towards it, that makes me wonder if people will open their eyes and open their heart to people who need it most.

What is Empathy?

The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Not sympathy. Sympathy is having pity and sorrow of one’s misfortune. Empathy is having a close friend or family member going through depression. Empathy is knowing someone who committed suicide. Empathy is sharing the feeling of a character within a book and understanding how they might of felt. A lot of times it’s experiences that only when someone we love so dearly is affected, that we can understand the pain they may of been through. Often times it may also be until we have experienced it ourselves, we can realise how it feels. But, having empathy, when neither has occurred and we have not experienced it, is also an act of love. There is no reason to judge.

What is Sensitivity?

Having or displaying a quick and delicate appreciation of others’ feelings

Do you ever wonder what someone may of been through to have anxiety or be extremely sensitive? Most people don’t. However, the ability to be sensitive is the ability to feel. To accept your emotions and understand other people’s emotions. Sensitivity creates a powerful caring nature, creativity and being in touch with yourself and the world around you. It allows one to cherish their inner self.

When you grow older, you truly realise that maturity is not an age. There are adults who often misunderstand, make poor judgments and spread wrong words. Then there may be a child who has wisdom. They may of suffered through a lot or were taught wisely. The amount of times I felt completely out of place. The amount of times I have had suicidal thoughts running in my mind. Believe me, I’ve been there. The amount of times I just wanted to be understood and have empathy from someone. Anyone.

Sensitivity and empathy are not weaknesses. No. They are what we need more of in this world. Especially with what is happening in our world, where bad things are becoming to numb us because we hear of it so often. We cannot turn a blind eye, but we must raise our ability to be sensitive. To open our hearts and realise that a lot of people are hurting inside. I’ve always felt incredibly misunderstood by people I hardly know, because people are quick to make judgments on who I am. We’re only human. Everyone has emotions. All I know is that if I’m to be an adult, I want to be the one that can be honest about my feelings and do my best to be a sensitive and empathetic person.

4 thoughts on “We Need Empathy And Sensitivity In The World

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I think we spend way too much time just thinking about ourselves without really thinking about those around us or at least putting ourselves in their shoes. If we took the time to consider others we would be in better peace.

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