Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

missperegrine_334x518.jpgI just finished the book today, and as soon as I finished it, I felt keen to see the film adaptation coming out this year. I thought the book was so wonderfully creepy and mysterious. It wasn’t scary, but more gruesome in some parts. The main character is called Jacob, who is close to his Grandfather. He grew up with his Grandfather telling him stories of how he was brought up, with a house full of orphans who all had special talents. One was able to lift a boulder above the head, and another was full of bees in which sometimes a couple would fly out. He was able to control whether or not the bee’s stung a person.

There was an invisible boy and a girl who levitates. What really brings this book alive, is not only the description and cinematic feeling of being there, but the mysterious images inside. Jacob meets Emma when he stumbles into a loop and somehow manages to go through to another time. Similar to a time portal, there are loops in the world that are meant to keep the peculiar’s safe from monsters. Jacob would soon discover that he is a peculiar, as no normal human can enter a loop.

The only part of the book that I felt slight discomfort reading, was Jacob and Emma’s relationship. They seem to be quite fond of each other and begin to develop more feelings throughout the book. However, Emma who hasn’t aged since she met Jacob’s grandfather, was once deeply in love with him. The book starts off quite steady then gets much more adventurous once Jacob arrives on an island with his father. The island is the place that his grandfather talked about when he was still alive. Before he died, he wanted Jacob to go there to be safe and sound, away from the monsters.

I do recommend the book. Although it is a horror fiction,I felt it was more of a mystery adventure. In every turn of the page there is something to discover.

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