The Similarities & Differences Between Sydney & Auckland

1429426967328436.jpgAt first I wanted to write about the similarities and differences between New Zealand and Australia. However, I have only traveled to one city in Australia. A little background is that I was born and raised in New Zealand and I moved to Australia at 18. Being in Australia for just over a year and a half, there are a few similarities and differences between Sydney and Auckland. I know that when I was in New Zealand, a lot of people do mention that Sydney is very similar to Auckland. In many ways it is, and with all cities, it also has its own quirks. My first day in Sydney was a beautiful Summers day and one of the happiest days I can remember. I fell in love with the blue skies, warm weather and the city instantly.

Here are just a few of the similarities and differences between Sydney and Auckland.


Active lifestyle – In Auckland and Sydney, there are always people running by the harbour, jogging at the park, going sailing, riding their bikes or doing yoga outdoors. Most people will do some kind of sport or exercise during the week.

Industrial City – I sort of compare this with Melbourne and Wellington (although I haven’t been to Melbourne yet). They both give an instant cafe, arty and creative vibe. That’s not to say Sydney or Auckland isn’t creative, but both cities are filled with a lot of business workers and big companies.

Beach life  – This sort of ties in with the active lifestyle and also being closer to the beach. In Sydney, it only takes a bus ride or if you live at Bondi you’re right next to the beach! In Auckland, it was a walk away from the beach, and in the Summer time, you will go there at least once.

Friendly people – Growing up in New Zealand, people are generally pretty friendly and laid back. In Sydney, people are quite friendly as well and every person that I’ve asked for help has always helped me out.

Multicultural – Both cities are very multicultural.This means you’re likely to hear different languages being spoken and walk past all kinds of foods on the street. In Sydney, there are quite a lot of tourists as well, especially in the Summer time.


Weather – Auckland is well known for having four seasons in a day. In Sydney you may find that carrying an umbrella at all times is important as you never know when it may rain. However, it is a lot more warmer in Sydney and the Summers are hot!

Population – A more obvious one is the population. The population of Sydney is currently 5 million and in Auckland the population is currently 1.5 million (do let me know if it’s changed :). It definitely did give me quite a shock at first in rush hour, as I’m used to being surrounded by less people.

Accent – There’s not a huge difference between our accents, but the difference is definitely there. Unless it’s a very heavy Aussie accent, otherwise the accent is quick to get used to, and you may get a few people asking you if you’re from New Zealand.

Houses – The houses in central city are either apartments or town houses, where as I find in New Zealand the houses near central city are bigger and more spacious. Many houses have a backyard and have a lot of space between other neighbours, where as many houses in Central Sydney are side by side.

Fashion – I find the fashion and style people wear in Sydney are full of variety, but then again there is a huge population difference. I find in Auckland, the fashion is more similar, where as in Sydney, people really embrace their own individual style.

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