Daily Thoughts: We All Experience Bad Weeks

el-so-dels-colors-jimmy-liao.jpgIt would be an understatement to say I have had a tough week, and at the same time I have learned valuable things that I could not learn else where. I’ve had bad day and nights, and somehow the bags under my eyes are telling me you will survive. As someone who believes that everything happens for a reason, I am telling myself that even though I have made some mistakes – I have learned a lot from the experience. I couldn’t stop shaking, I felt breathless and my heart was pumping, ready to fly out. My body felt tense and my mind was clouded.

The disappointment I was feeling and the disappointment people were feeling around me was incredibly strong and I’d never been so upset at myself for a while. I am one of the most honest people I know, and it made me sad to think that someone would think I am lying. Although I think about it, I can gather why they would perceive it this way. When people don’t have all the facts or have a miscommunication, it’s easy to perceive something completely differently. As I spoke to my lovely friend, she is indeed right in saying that there are worse things in life. It happened and I just need to move on and let go. Most of us have a good and bad days here and there, but there are a few rare occasions when a whole week just seems to be disappearing itself into a hole.

The truth is life is never as hard as we think. It’s the contrast to which these sort of things suddenly happen compared with most days where everything is dandy and smooth. We all have those weeks where nothing seems to go right, and anything from hearing bad news, having multiple panic attacks or being accused of something you never intended. I cannot recall a week where I’ve had so many panic attacks. Yet, it’s also been one of the weeks where I’ve learned the most. It’s true, what you feel really attracts more of it. At the same time, sometimes we simply have period of lessons that teach us. Even though some things may seem bad at first, often they may be a blessing in disguise – The best is yet to come.

wonderful art by  幾米 / Jimmy Liao

7 thoughts on “Daily Thoughts: We All Experience Bad Weeks

  1. I think you have a great attitude about your tough week. Sometimes they just happen! I think the key to getting through it is knowing that the bad time will pass and that it’s an opportunity to learn something. I think when you are open to challenge and even embrace it, you become a wiser, stronger person.

  2. Wow, you express yourself so well, and, you’re a wonderful, engaging writer. Although you went through a very difficult week, you still remained positive. That is strength at its best. I also believe everything happens for a reason, and through adversity we usually grow and learn and look back at the time and feel blessed we went through it, as it made us who we are.

    Joelyne xoxo

    1. Hi Joelyne, thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment :) That’s very true, often we look back and realise how much that moment taught us. Or we might look back in a few years time and realise that it may not of been as bad as we thought. X

  3. I totally agree with the other two commenters – you have a great attitude, and your writing is engaging. I empathize with you without pitying you, which is hard to pull off in writing! I think that’s because you make it feel like the reader has written the piece. It definitely rings true. Thanks for the read. I will follow to hear more of what you have to say :)

    1. Hi Tom, thanks a lot for your encouragement. I’m really glad the writing spoke to you in some kind of way and that I was able to express clearly what I was feeling at the time! Thanks for stopping by.

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