What Really Matters In The World

keepitbright.JPGThere’s been a lot of news lately that makes me feel down about what is happening in the world. Then I remind myself that there are far more beautiful things that happen in the world, that we simply don’t hear about or don’t see. The world we live in often feeds off the bad news to earn money, to create fear and attention. The same can be said for how much we are told on a daily basis by the media that we aren’t good enough. That somehow we need these clothes, we need to wear makeup or look a certain way to be ‘beautiful.’

Of course, we should be able to wear what we want or look the way we want. But, when it becomes a priority in our everyday life, it really makes me question what really matters in the world. Everyone has something beautiful growing within them,that was destined to be from the day they were born. It’s the choice in whether we let it shine out into the open world, or forget about it.

What really matters in the world is every individual. How can we, ourselves, me and you do the best we can as human beings? I believe with all my heart that this world needs far more kindness, love and compassion. Each of us can make a change by focusing on ourselves first and foremost. Learn to love yourself completely and you will have open arms to love those around you. The answer should always end with the word love. If people only feed and live off judgment, lies, fear, images and the way things look, rather than the way things truly are, then the change won’t happen. Every change starts with small steps.

What really matters to you? For me, it’s God, my family, the ones I love, animals, music and the creative industry. It’s having good health, breathing another day and the positive words in my life that keep me moving. “Be honest with yourself about what is truly important to you in your life You may find that it is already much closer than you think.” – Ruben Chavez.

4 thoughts on “What Really Matters In The World

  1. Beautiful quote by Ruben Chavez to finish off this post. In order to love ourselves, we have to start accepting each bit of ourselves whether perfect or imperfect. I think too often we think and feel that we are in a competition with each other, and in reality this is not true. We all deserve to have equal rights and equal opportunities. Perhaps some of us are more judgemental than others in this world. Even if so, best we can do is that their opinions with a pinch of salt and move on to make this world a better place.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s true that very often we can feel in competition with others and it can also cause a lot of comparisons to be made. As you said, everyone deserves equal rights and equal opportunities, and I really believe that, especially in a world that still often discriminates against race, gender, age etc.. Then again, we can’t change the way people think, but we can all change ourselves, as the quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world” says.

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