Everything Will Be Alright

2L8DLh4.jpgSometimes sitting in silence in another’s company can bring the greatest comfort. Other time’s it’s the word of golden advice that can melt away the negative energy and replace it with love and open eyes. There’s been a part of my insides lately that has begun to crumble a little (like a shortbread). There’s been a cloud over me falling with beautiful, but sad white snow. As a HSP there are certain situations that we would best want to avoid, however very often we simply have to face it. It makes me want to turn into a hermit crab, or a bear in hibernation. Here’s the thing, if you are a sensitive, emotional, introverted or highly sensitive person, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are you. Most of all, if we allow ourselves, we will learn how to use the strength of these, rather than let the weakness take over.

Sensitivity is a rareness that’s seen in open. It’s often in those private moments that we touch other’s heart. Although, I wish that our sensitivity could be much more open, it’s only natural that as humans, we tend to hide our true emotions, especially if it’s one that is not seen as happy. There have been several things in my life lately that have made me feel tearful and upset. As someone who is a deep thinker, my mind is a maze. My imagination is endless and my thoughts are constantly type writing on the pages of an invisible book. It can make my heart race faster and certain thoughts can trigger bad feelings from head to toe. The thing that keeps it pumping, is to tell my self that Every thing will be alright.

Holding onto hope and never letting it go. No matter where we are in our lives. You deserve to feel and live a beautiful life. If you don’t feel you are in the place in your life that makes you breathe and feel alive, keep trying and trying until you set yourself free. Even if you feel peace where you don’t want to be at this moment in time, it’s far better than feeling crushed. It’s easier to move on if we only have feathers on our shoulders, but it is far harder to keep going if we don’t appreciate where we are, and build bricks within ourselves. This is the letter I want to write to my future self and to remind my current self. That no matter what stage I am in my life, that I would learn to see the light in every chapter.

There will be moments where the end of the tunnel looks dark, but if I keep walking ahead I will find the light.

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