Adventures In Sydney: May 2016

13262585_265692797118342_1852988627_oIt wouldn’t come as a surprise to say that Sydney is one of my favourite cities in the world. Although, I say this from a person that hasn’t traveled many places (four places – including New Zealand), I truly love this city. The best things in life are often the most simple. They are the things that may pass us everyday, but some may not notice it. They may be the ones that love us, and give us a certain feeling, that no one else can. When I heard my family was coming to visit me, I felt happy and almost surreal. I also felt extremely grateful that anyone would fly overseas or travel a far distance to see me. But, I have to say in these four years, this was the best break that I could of possibly asked for.13335344_269716793382609_2080165367_nOne of the best places to go in Sydney, is the White Rabbit Gallery. I’ve been to every exhibition since arriving here, and have found each to be very unique. These beautiful statues were created from hand and body. I say body, because the person that created them, literally used their whole body to push the art work into life. They knead, shaped and breathed air into the still clay. It was really beautiful to look at. You know that feeling when you stare at art and it gives you a certain feeling of peace.

An annual activity is the Vivid Light Show. There was a lovely display this year at Central Park, and I can safely say it was much better than last years. We also had a little preview of the one at the Sydney Conservatorium. Every Saturday night, Darling Harbour holds fireworks at 8:30, and there are many people who go there, tourists or locals, to take a look at the sparkling night light.

It was my first time entering the Conservatorioum, and it reminded me of a castle, as did the Sydney University Quadrangle area. On Saturdays, there is a market in Glebe that sells all kinds of bits and bobs. It was a rainy cold day, and the wind was blowing. Although, that didn’t stop us from going outside. I held my little umbrella to cover us, and we braved the weather. Luckily, there was a stand, where a girl was looking to sell all of her clothes. Some of the clothes looked sad, because they were all dripping with rain water. She was shouting $1! The clothes were good quality, with heaps from Top Shop. I ended up buying 10 pieces of clothing and was among the crowd of girls looking in the tiny stand.

The best thing about spending time with family, is simply being in each other’s presence. It’s the feeling of not having to say a word, but feel a certain peace and calm that is not quite the same when they aren’t around, or when you Skype. It’s also having a kind of understanding and love that is special to it’s own, because our family often understand us the most. A great place to go in Sydney, to find some quiet time, is definitely the Botanical Gardens. You could spend a whole afternoon walking there, and walk away your thoughts.

The sunset in Winter is really something, because sometimes the sky is clear and it decides to paint a water painting of pink and orange. The sun is just at the tip in the distance, then disappears. Winter is one of those seasons I love, because you can wear as much layers as you want, drink as much tea and hot chocolate, listen to the rain and be toasty warm inside.

Places to go in Sydney in the Winter:

-Black Star Pastry (try the Watermelon Cake)

-China town

-Paddy’s Market

-Glebe Market

-Sydney Opera House

-Royal Botanical Gardens

-Victoria Park

-Central Park

-Darling Harbour

-Chat Thai/Cafe Opera

-White Rabbit Gallery

-Vivid Light Show

-University of Sydney

-Queen Victoria Building

-Broadway Shopping Centre

Photo credit: katiepassionfruit

10 thoughts on “Adventures In Sydney: May 2016

  1. It looks like your family had a good time and all of you went to quite a few places around Sydney. I’ve only been a couple of times, and both times I stuck to the Sydney city area, and probably saw about half the things you mentioned in this post like Chinatown, the gardens and QVB building to name a few. I remember it was all very crowded. Both times I was there for two months, in November and December. Maybe it was just that time of the year.

    Unlike you, I am very much the summer person. I can’t stand it when the temperature drops below 20’C :D

    1. We really did, it had been a while since I’d taken a trip around Central Sydney. That’s great, yes it can get very crowded, especially in places like Chinatown and Darling Harbour. I recall reading one of your articles, and you mentioned Melbourne. I will definitely have to visit there some day!

  2. I would love to visit Sydney one day! Just Australia in general looks so beautiful and it’s such a big country I would need at least one month!! Haha.Lovely post and photos :) xo Jey.

    1. I’m sure you will :) One of the best times to come is during the Summer! It really is a beautiful place, and I say this from only living in Sydney. Although, I’m sure someday I will travel all of Australia. Thank you Jey! x

  3. Haven’t been to the western part of the city when I was there and although I’ve seen the city many times, I haven’t seen it when Vivid is on. I guess there’s another reason to comeback. And I share the same thoughts that Sydney is one of the best places out there.

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