The Decision To Eat Less Meat

285046_1250370491506_fullThe first thing you should probably know about me is that I really love animals. Of course, each animal has a different personality. Especially when I think back to living on the farm, where the Chickens and the Rooster weren’t very friendly. They would bully the little piglets and it would make me very upset. With that exception, all the pets I’ve ever had were the most loving and sweetest animals. There are many reasons for what every person eats. Most people eat certain foods because they enjoy the taste or it’s part of their culture. Or someone may be vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian. Someone may like to add meat to every meal. I think what we eat is definitely a personal decision.

Over the years I’ve gradually eaten a lot less meat because of the way it was making me feel physically and emotionally. For example, I rarely eat any pork because of the memories it gives me of all the years I spent time with my pigs. I love them so so much and if you own a dog, you can probably relate to the fact that you would never eat a dog. Eating too much meat also causes my body to feel bloated and sick. Other moments, it’s the sadness in knowing that animals are treated incredibly unkindly and often very cruelly and inhumanely. I like to skip the meat aisle at supermarkets and generally wouldn’t go out of my way to buy meat.

Similar to sugar, we are over consuming meat which is affecting our health and the environment – not to mention the animals. One thing most people don’t realise, is that animals are very intelligent and can sense when they are in a dangerous environment. They know they are going to be slaughtered or killed.

Here are some good articles to read if you want to eat less meat:

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5 thoughts on “The Decision To Eat Less Meat

  1. I’d love to be vegetarian but have found it difficult in the past to cut meat out entirely. For me, the issue with meat is the industry and how the animals are treated. As you say, they can sense if they are in a bad environment, and the stress they go through come their time is terrible. When I’m older and have a better cash flow I’m going to start buying local/organic/animal friendly produce – more expensive but you can minimize your meat intake. It’s just a shame that people with tight budgets are more or less forced to buy industry meat unless they are vegetarian (and even that is a difficult option for many people depending on where you live).

    Long story short, governments should subsidise local small farming so that less meat goes to waste, and less animals are being treated horribly as they are in those big industry farms.

    1. Thank you for sharing your views, I feel the same and especially with how the animals are treated in the industry. It is a shame :( it’s a pity that the organic and animal friendly products are often more costly too. Let’s hope that there will be a gradual change in the meat industry!

  2. Its certainly great that you have identified a change that is making you feel better! As someone who has gone through an extreme natural weight loss (136 lbs and counting) I have also made significant changes. It’s a big thing, making change. Cab be mighty scary. As humans we fall into our patterns and habits and breaking them and creating new ones can be daunting. Well done for you for taking the steps needed to better your life. :)

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