What I Learned From Leaving Home At Sixteen

b1a4f1b6d2cf6e6444fd1471d0c0b8f5When I was younger I came to a point that I wanted to live on my own. There are many personal reasons why I decided to leave home at 16, but I’d like to keep them in my hand written diaries rather than online. There are many things that we could write about online, but it is never quite as understood unless we experience them ourselves. Despite moving, I felt extremely homesick in the first several months.

Here are some of the things that I learned from leaving home at 16:

Parents do so much more for us than we realise. It makes you feel grateful for everything they’ve ever done for you. Our parents provide us with food, shelter, comfort. The time they sacrifice for you to do what you love and the lessons they teach us.

Whatever age, I don’t need to have it all figured out. Certainly not at 16, or even at 30, 50, 70. Life isn’t something we should have all the answers to at this very moment. It’s a journey that everyone is going through. There will be times of confusion, waiting and unpredictability, and that’s okay.

My perception of life widened even more. There’s a whole world out here. There are new people to meet, places to see and experiences to have. It can change your view in life and become more understanding of other people.

It’s okay not to see your family often. When I had first left home 4 years ago, I honestly felt sad when many people would see their family every weekend. I am lucky to see my family once a year. I learned to be grateful to be in my own company and to know that not seeing family often is okay.

Finding yourself is a journey, stay true to yourself. Don’t lose the special spark that is a part of you. People will try to change you, but the important decision is to choose the bad or the good. Always be yourself no matter what, because we cannot be liked by everyone.

Have faith in God, have faith in yourself. Believe that whatever you want to achieve in your life can happen. Don’t have a second of doubt, and when you feel down or hesitant, pray to God. Never lose faith in Him.

Everything will start to cost more expensive. As you work for yourself, you realise how easy you had it. Not having to take care of food, electricity, water.. But, when you earn your own money it can make you far more aware of how much you spend weekly.

Looking after yourself is easier than you think. Taking responsibilities on your own is not as hard as it sounds. As I washed my own clothes, fed the animals and cleaned at home, I just had to do the same in my new home.

Some adults always think they’re right. When you get into the ‘real’ world so to speak, we will all realise how much as children we thought adults were always right. As you interact with more adults, you’ll know to avoid the ones who think they’re always right.

You will lose touch with many people. Naturally this will happen to anyone who leaves high school. However, it happened more suddenly for myself because when I went to University, my friends were still in high school. Life goes on and people all go on to do different things in their lives.

One of the biggest lessons I learned is to remember to have something to be thankful for. You may have days you forget and everything just crumbles, and you may have days where gratitude rains down. I know I sure have had those days. Gratitude will remind you of the endless things you have in your life.

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