Today I Am Grateful For..

AliceinWonderlandA grey cloud seems to be over my head these past few weeks. It makes me feel lost at times and question “What am I doing in my life?”. I believe that it’s okay not to know, whatever chapter of your life or whatever age you maybe. As they say it’s never too late to learn something new. I’ve been feeling very still in this chapter of my life. I have been forgetting for too many days in a row what I am grateful for. It makes me lose focus of true joy and the amount of things that surpass the grey clouds that I’m feeling. I keep imagining rain and thunder, when I should be thinking about the sunshine and the beautiful sky.

I am grateful for..the brown autumn leaves that paint the pavements telling me my favourite season Winter is coming soon. The trees slowly falling naked with their branches showing and a reminder that each season brings new things.

I am grateful for..eating healthy and drinking a lot of water. For caring for my body this year more than I have done in the past few years. I’m also grateful to have easy access to places in central city.

I am grateful for..Sam. My best friend, partner in crime and boyfriend. He makes me open my eyes to more of the good in myself and is the light in my life.

I am grateful for..staying strong. I’ve had too many moments in the past few weeks where I feel as if I will lose it. Break, crack, trip. I’m grateful to be living and breathing.

I’m grateful for..a new day. Whatever it takes, it’s possible. Whatever dreams you have. Whatever you want to achieve. A new day helps you closer and closer to making it true.

I’m grateful in a beautiful city. There are corners of Sydney that remind me of Auckland, and other places that are special to their own. Sydney gave me a home to stay for an unpredictable time, but that’s what makes life exciting. The unpredictability.

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