Why I Can’t Help Loving Cats

Daily Thoughts

I grew up in the country side, and as many small town country girl stories could go, you can imagine there were a lot of rolling green hills, endless forests, running streams, lakes, beautiful skies, fresh air and animals. I’ve had numerous pets and farm animals from cats, budgies, mice, fish, guinea pigs, dog, chickens, pigs and the good ol’ cows, sheep and horses. Not to mention the cheeky hedgehogs, night time owls and wild cats that stroll around. My dog particularly liked to chase the possums, which always gave me a fright when he’d run past. Animals are such wonderful creatures, and each have their own clever ways of surviving.

Cats are deeply understanding. Especially when you need it most. I can’t remember all the moments I’ve felt upset or cried, and my cat comes sit on my lap innocently purring. There is something about holding a ball of warm fur that’s very comforting. Similarly to when you lie on the bed, they will invite themselves on to cuddle with you creeping under the sheets. Cats are calm. As much as I love dogs, there are times where it’s nice to have the peace of a cat. They don’t require as much attention, and when they do give attention, it’s very loving. 

They don’t require any cleaning. Cats generally do a lot of cleaning themselves very much each day. They like to keep their mane clean. The best listeners are cats. They don’t judge, and they hold a certain elegance that makes you wonder what they may be thinking. They are the boss of their life and don’t need to rely too much on humans, except food and maybe the occasional cuddle. There is a sensitivity that they hold. Even though, cats may not be as expressive, they are emotional creatures. 

They are incredibly cheeky but highly intelligent. Full of personality, some are very quiet and other’s won’t stop talking. Somehow they will always know what you are thinking when you least expect it. Especially if you are reading a book, they will somehow put their paws right on the page you’re reading. If anything, thinking back to the moments of when I saw my cats each day, it makes me really miss having a cat!

9 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Help Loving Cats

  1. Love it, animals are so amazing. They can teach us so many things and give us so much. I’m definitely a dog person but cats are cool too.

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