Book Review: The Girl On The Train

The-Girl-on-the-TrainThis was the first thriller that I have ever read, and also the first thriller the Author, Paula Hawkins has written. *spoilers ahead*. The characters are told from 3 women (Rachel, Megan and Anna) in first person. The plot of the story starts with the main character, Rachel. Every day and night she takes the train back and forth to work (or so she says to her flatmate Cathy), and everyday she stares out the window at the exact spot where a house in Witney resides a couple, the perfect couple in her eyes. A few years ago she divorced from her former husband. She had started to drink a lot during their marriage and was having blackouts where hours of memories would disappear. A few houses down from her perfect couple, was the old house she lived in with her ex-husband. There now lived him and the women she was being cheated on.

The book takes a turn when Rachel is going past one day and sees something she never thought she would see. The next morning she finds her self with cuts, bruises and blood. The news said that Megan (the women she watches on the train a long with her husband) was missing. Somehow, in someway Rachel begins to find her self involved in discovering who, what, where, when and why Megan may be missing. The story is also told from Anna’s perspective (The wife of Rachel’s ex-husband). Interestingly enough, each character in this book is flawed in some way. In most novels the protagonist is usually somewhat likable or makes you feel on their side. However Hawkins writes in a cinematic way, that creates ambiguity on who the suspect may be. It also reminds us that no one is perfect and we all have flaws, we mustn’t judge someone by what we simply see.

Rachel had created a fantasy in her mind of the perfect couple. She saw the way they kissed, the way Scott (Megan’s husband) stood beside her. But, she didn’t truly know anything about their lives. In interesting ways the book intertwines and connects all of these characters together, until near the end of the book we discover who killed Megan. I would recommend this book to people, however as a thriller it was not scary or shocking, but more psychological and made you think a lot about each character. As a thriller, it was good in the way that it made me want to keep reading non-stop, turning each page to find out more information. I felt a bit like a detective that had to find out more clues, and make my guess on who the suspect was. I read the book in 2 days. It’s definitely a book you can read in one go, but try not to skip read it as each detail is important.

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