Daily Thoughts:When We Feel Very Deeply

14c471f5ab5eed3842dfd1428989e25aThere are days where I ask myself, if this was the last day I could ever have, is there anything I would of changed? Each day we live can be filled with the good or the bad. Maybe I shouldn’t of said that, maybe I should of done, maybe I will do that next time. Everyday we grow, we learn and we change. Everyone experiences downtime and wonderful days. It’s what makes us human. As someone who thinks very deeply, I can be somewhat of an over analyser and sensitive to my surroundings.

Our society places such a huge stigma on mental illnesses and emotions. As someone who has seen my loved ones and those close to me go through a mental illness, it breaks my heart that this world can often be so very insensitive, unkind and ignorant of this. The saddest part according to mindhealthconnect.org.au is that Mental illness can attract stigma and discrimination, which can be one of the biggest problems for someone with these disorders. About ten percent of people with mental illness eventually die by suicide, as compared with one percent of the general population. What ever it may be – anorexia, depression, anxiety, bulimia – qld.gov.au says Part of the reason for negative attitudes and behaviour towards people with mental illness is a lack of knowledge and a fear of the unknown. However, it is also something very common, that a significant amount of people will experience in their lifetime.

People deserve help, support, care and love. No one should be pre-judged for having something that we cannot fully understand. Raising the level of sensitivity is important. It’s no surprise (to myself that is) that I spend a huge majority of time alone. As an introvert, I appreciate the time I can spend to think deeply, creatively and freely without any disturbances. I love the peace and quiet when reading, watching a movie or eating a meal. As I mentioned the stigma in mental illnesses, I also believe there is a stigma placed in showing any signs of deeper emotion. Most of us show the everyday “How are you” face. The one where we seem fine even if we aren’t. We don’t want to bother others with anything that may seem negative, and most of us want to be accepted or seen as a happy person.

In the adult world of emotions, it’s a different story. When we were a young child running around in the yard or jumping on the trampoline, if we fell over, our parents would be there to comfort us if we cried. In that moment we were in pain but we forget it quickly. As we grow older there are different ways we fall emotionally or we may face failure that we cope in different ways to when we were a child. We make decisions based on our self belief. Even if something upsets us, most adults will consider a strategy to solve something or a goal to achieve. In psychcentral.com Deep Feelers also tend to be imaginative and sensitive, which colors the storylines they create…Deep Feelers also might be highly sensitive people. Highly sensitive people are especially susceptible to physical and emotional stimuli.

The things I find that occurs if you are a highly sensitive person, is the need to cry out your emotion. Bottling it up can cause a panic attack in situations you will least want to be in. When alone, it’s relieving to let out the pain. I don’t know if you are the same too (HSP), but the creative arts is where I feel at home with. I have to listen to music for a few hours, read several articles, write words or watch a touching movie. HSP are also highly likely to be empathetic and understanding of what other’s are going through. The one that I have mentioned previously, is HSP are deep thinkers. Their minds are highly active, but the words spoken are often limited and chosen carefully. The think before you speak is very true. The need to help is also part of the characteristics of someone who is highly sensitive.

“I write because there are things in me that cannot die.”
― Sanober Khan

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