Daily Thoughts: Live Each Day As If It Is Your Last

74b16364256350ffa05579640d770241There are certain phrases that make me ponder about our existence on Earth. It’s common to hear they’ll always be tomorrow. Especially if you’ve had a bad day. We’ve all heard the phrase live each day as if it is your last or live life to the fullest. The truth is, tomorrow is never for sure, but today is. This moment that we’re living in can be easily forgotten. Some of us may live too far in the future and be blinded by what is now, some may be living in a past where they don’t move or some may cherish this very second that they’re living. The nature of life is that we all have good and bad days. However, I believe the happiness in our lives come from the small simple things. A day that has seen a smile, felt the sun or breathed the nearby bakery pastries. The words live each day like it’s your last might seem hard because of what it implies.

As a society there is a lot of focus on perfection and feeling or achieving a certain level of happiness. A sense of waiting for what is yet to come in order to feel satisfied. Yet, living life to the fullest is really to have a sense of mindfulness. A belonging in this place. Breathing the air and taking in the surroundings. There are days when I am eating a meal, and I know that it was such a delicious meal, but I didn’t truly take time to sit down and enjoy each bite. It’s easy to rush through life this way. Taking in the good without really soaking it in, then letting it slide by until the next. I believe it is a simple reminder to take chances, get out of your comfort zone and do one thing everyday that scares you. Whether it is going outside to the supermarket or going skydiving. Whatever that can make you feel like you are conquering your fears.

It’s true. No one can predict when it is their last day. Even so, I deeply believe everyone is set foot in this world for a purpose. Living each day as if it were your last doesn’t mean your last day of retirement on a remote island. It means to live fully, authentically and spontaneously with nothing being held back –  Jack Canfield. I love this quote, because it really emphasises that in order to live a life fully we just need to be ourselves. Seems easy enough doesn’t it? But, you’d be surprised how many people want to be like others. Time is precious. I remember reading a quote that Steve Jobs said that “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”, he said that if it were “no” for too many days he knew he needed to make a change. Remembering I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life – Steve Jobs.

Living each day as if it is your last day, means being fully yourself and being the best person you can be. I don’t believe it means taking a break and going on a holiday for a day (although you could if you wanted to), but I believe it means living each day being fully present as much as you can and having appreciation for the small things. I think living each day as if it is your last, doesn’t mean having to be ecstatically happy, because often this quote implies having to be happy everyday. I believe it means doing what feels good in your heart. Instead of taking it in the literal sense with a time limit of midnight and rushing through the day, take it as an awareness and a reminder to go for what you truly want.

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