Daily Thoughts: Speaking From The Heart

img-birdy_113538767900How many of us truly speak from the heart? Not through a filtered lens, glassed window, technology device or cage of distractions, but purely from our heart straight to others. I have thought this for quite a long time, and have always been intrigued in the way we present ourselves a certain way with people. It makes me realise, what are we hiding? Why do we feel the need to cover our true selves, and most of all, why do we need to cover our weaknesses and mistakes, when it reminds us that we are all human. Especially in the adult world, how many lies are probably told each day  in order to hide something? As a sensitive person, I can feel (though, not always) when someone is trying to fit in or aren’t speaking from their heart. The level of emotion, sensitivity, facial expression, eyes or content of speech sometimes gives a clue.

In a society, where talking from the mind is normal and expected, it is easily forgotten to speak from the heart. It is often seen as too emotional, but imagination and creativity all comes from the heart. As mentioned in an article here, children are very often suppressed at a young age to take in facts and neglect their full creativity. The idea that showing emotions is weak becomes more apparent, when it certainly isn’t true. From meeting many new people over the years, since leaving high school, it’s interesting to see the way we interact with one another. The ability to see if someone is speaking from the heart does not need too much thought, because it’s more something that is felt. Words that touch. Words that make you feel and affect you in a different way.

If we were to only speak in a way to impress others or to live for others sake, then how could we ever live a fulfilling life? The heart is honest, kind and good. It’s easy to become trapped into the way things go and to follow the crowd. It’s easy to live a life based around materials, possessions, online and physical image. But it can never truly complete your true purpose if the only reason is to fit in or to be someone you aren’t. A part of me wishes that there would be less systematic talking and emotionless conversations. For the world to be a better place, we must first start from the heart.

Image, Birdy in Interview Magazine

9 thoughts on “Daily Thoughts: Speaking From The Heart

  1. Well, at least some try. It’s not that people want to be two-faced, but they assume when they’ll be totally positive about everything and pretend they are all so well, they will be more welcome and better accepted as persons. This causes lots of contradictions and certainly is not the best way to be. Social media and social environment exercise huge pressure on any individual. Truth is inconvenient, things that come from our hear might offend others, so on and so forth. It’s nice you have pointed out this problem and hopefully more people will realize it.
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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.It’s true isn’t it, even when we’re met with the question “How are you?”, very much of the time, most of us will answer with “Good”, even if it isn’t the case. I suppose we do want to show our best sides in reality and on social media when posting pictures or talking to others. As you said, it can be contradictory, and I do hope there would be more honesty, as from past hurt and loss of friendships, it can be a true kindness to simply be honest.

  2. “For the world to be a better place, we must first start from the heart.” – Totally agree! Another great post Katie :) xx

  3. I love speaking from the heart. I guess it’s why I love d&ms so much. And sometimes I feel so desperate just wanting to share my heart.

    1. Thank you for sharing Juni. D& M’s are the best aren’t they? I always feel like I’m really getting to know someone, really reflect on life and am able to be completely myself. X

  4. And that has always made the Difference… In My life, i have taken the road less travelled. Thank You Robert Frost.

    Indeed, if you appreciate + understand my Profile + have Read my Profile from The Heart….Then here is My Hand….shall We Go O:) Lawrence Hennessy

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