Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting

51orJaQdvbL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_When I was younger, I was taught the principles of the law of attraction. As a highly sensitive person, I am incredibly emotional. This can be an advantage, and disadvantage. Our thoughts and feelings are incredibly powerful. What we think and how we feel results in what actions we take. In a world that is filled with billions of people, we are all sending different energy into the world. The astonishing power of feelings is that when we feel positive, good and calm, we are far more likely to attract and magnetise that positive energy into our lives. However, when we focus our thoughts onto what we hope not to happen, it is far more likely that it will happen through the way we think and feel. Those feelings can process into actions and vibrations. Grabhorn writes Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting with a relatable tone and a conversational voice.

It’s a reminder that what we aspire for, dream for and hope to achieve, we can. If we go deeper into really feeling our positive goals, we have more chance of achieving it. Have you ever noticed, that when you feel angry, there is a tendency that something is more likely to break or go terribly wrong? This may be accidentally breaking the glass on the table or saying hurtful words you don’t really mean in an argument. When we feel angry and negative, our body, emotion and mind are not able to react calmly. Just as a smile is contagious, the energy we place into the world is contagious, like a boomerang! Of course, there are events that happen in life that are out of our own control. But the things we are in control of, we have the power to change. A huge affect. We all know goals are only attainable if we believe in ourselves first.

It all happens to us, that little negative thought pattern that builds in our mind from time to time. Living life is much more simple and inviting positive energy into it is the first step. Although, I do have to note that the book is quite repetitive, however from reading it for the first time, and reading it for a second time, the message is much more clear. Most of the phases that I went through over the years, that consisted of good and bad times, were very often from how I was feeling. Those feelings really affected how other’s talked to me, how I interacted with others and how I felt about life in general. We all deserve happiness. If you’re looking for a book that will encourage and motivate you to live with positive feelings, I highly recommend it.

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