Beauty Isn’t Measured by a Number

charli.JPGIn a previous article, I talked about the Skinny Talk in Fashion, and this idea of a “thin ideal” that is so ingrained in our society, not just in the fashion industry. Charli said that it’s buying into a fantasy. When she used that word, it rang with me how true it is, because it truly is in many senses a creation of a fantasy that we often aspire for. An obvious flaw in the fashion industry is the obsession and desire to be thinner. We often want to achieve what we don’t have in terms of materials and most of all the way we look. But in Charli’s view and I’m sure for many would agree, she was already a size 2-4 and shouldn’t need to lose any further weight. However, when she was told by an ex-agency to lose weight or told in photo shoots or castings that she is too curvy, it can really make us question what standards some of the agencies are setting.

She mentioned how models must be a certain size and how young girls have eating disorders when they’re faced with an unattainable definition of what beauty is. It shouldn’t matter how tall we are, what we weigh or what the measurements of our body are.  These numbers do not define who we are nor do they measure our beauty. These are unrealistic expectations, which is why it’s great to see models changing the attitudes we have towards size, measurements and perfection. In StyleLikeU she says “What my issue is is the fact that size-wise, we say that unless you are a certain size, you are not a model. Because that is going to fuck any person up who looks at that. And we have all those young girls with eating disorders and body image problems and we don’t question that, and we keep doing the same thing over and over again. Beauty isn’t measured by a number.”

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