Our Perception Of Beauty If We Were Blind

acec7b3ee83c56ff89e32af2947849c3 (1)If we were blind from birth, how different would our perception of beauty be in the world? How much of it would we realise that beauty comes from deeply within in such a visual world. Or simply how grateful we are to have the gift of sight. You would be able to touch, hear, smell and taste – but not see. Perhaps that is why love is blind, in the sense that true love is from our heart and soul.

Wouldn’t we have a much greater appreciation for music (rather than looking at the videos), a more thoughtful approach towards eating and more focus in hearing (to distinguish others voices and feelings)? There wouldn’t be any judgment of what shape someone is, how tall they are, what hair style they have, the clothing they wear or how they do their make-up.

Beauty is ultimately a feeling. The one that can touch the heart, rather than please the eyes.

Check out Tommy’s video – love this guy!

6 thoughts on “Our Perception Of Beauty If We Were Blind

  1. When I was doing my undergraduate degree I had a friend who was blind and she remembers people by scent! She would say “Hi Hari” just as I approached even before I’d say anything…

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