7 Reasons Being Different Is A Good Thing

Princess-Quotes_Belle_Beauty-and-the-BeastLately the days feel a little longer, and even though Summer has fare-welled, Autumn leaves are patiently on the trees before they fall off for Winter. Every season is different in its own unique and beautiful way. I’ve always felt a warm fondness towards Winter the way it is so comforting yet understanding. There have rarely been many people that I have spoken to who have understood me on a deeper level. It made me question so many times throughout my life “Is there something wrong with me?” The honest truth is – No, absolutely not. As soon as we question that, it means we’re aware of our differences in the world. What may not be similar to someone, doesn’t mean it’s not right.

Here are a few reasons why being different is a good thing (from my own experiences)

1) You are able to be completely yourself – We were born into the world do be unique and different, just by simply being ourselves! Everyone’s personality is their own which cannot be replicated, yet today we may conform in the way we look or how we should act. Remember to just be yourself. It’s the best, quirkiest, wonderful and fullest person you can be.

2) You attract those who truly click with you – The people who will become your friend should accept you for your differences. It’s when we’re ourselves that we attract the people that we can really connect with, without having to hide behind a mask.

3) The choice to not conform to society – You choose to do what you love more often, rather than do something for the sake of fitting in. The clothes you wear, how you talk, what you like to eat, your beliefs and values are your very own.

4) You appreciate the beauty in others – When we embrace our unique selves, we don’t try to look the way we’ve been told to look by the medias standards. In that sense, there is a deeper appreciation of every persons unique individual beauty.

5) People will appreciate your honesty – By being different means being our own authentic selves. People can always sense genuine honesty or someone who replicates a personality of someone else.

6) It allows one to express their creativity – I believe we all have wild creative thoughts that are waiting to be unleashed. Every person has an amazing library of wonderful ideas within their mind.

7) Life is far more interesting – If everything ought to be the same, wouldn’t it be boring? Be proud of being different. We need that extra spark from being unashamedly ourselves.

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