The Importance of Modesty in Fashion

74e53606b62fe25e85685683d63e5624To be fair, we are all completely in our own right to decide what we wear each day. After re-writing articles based around this topic and deleting each of them, I feel the need to re-write it with all my thoughts on modesty in fashion. It’s a controversial issue as everyone has their own view on the topic. Call me old school as a classical music and old film lover, but I believe that modesty needs to be more apparent in today’s society, contrast to what the media says. This doesn’t go upon saying, no one should wear denim shorts or singlets, but it’s more of an observation on how we dress is a sign of self respect. One may be quick to point out that modesty seems boring, but to me, I believe modesty is classy. 

We are constantly exposed to images that are sexual, lustful and call for all the wrong attention. This is most apparent in fashion magazines, posters, articles and the billboard you may walk past each day. With that, there is also an emphasis on the physical body as being more important when we only see the visual element of a person. Of course, I feel attracted to a well-styled and designed clothing. Maybe it shows the back or is a little low cut than it should be. There is a difference with clothing that is worn with a sense of occasion or with elegance. Alternatively, when we expose ourselves in a way that asks for the wrong attention, whether sexually or attention-seeking, then it’s immodest.

As a society we are always changing and what is seen as right or wrong in fashion, may change over time. I believe what we wear is a form of self expression, and in doing so it reflects a part of ourselves. The sort of clothing that is immodest is the one that reveals the body in a sexual way. An overly short skirt, see through shirt or denim shorts that show the pockets. We need to teach the next generation that beauty does not come through by showing more skin. It comes through a form of self confidence and respect. A women can wear a long dress with elegance or wear a revealing dress only for attention. The difference is an important one to make.

Some may argue that dressing modestly sounds restraining, constricting and limiting of a persons freedom to dress the way they want. Modesty is actually freeing in the sense that we are not following societies fashion standards. However, modesty is a value that is becoming more forgotten in the social media generation. There is more attention towards someones body rather than the person themselves. We are more than what meets the eye no matter how much the lies will tell us. Many people are deeply self conscious in their appearance because of the way the media portrays beauty. They show it through over exposure of bodies, through provocative images and valuing body image more than anything else. Modesty teaches us self control, self love and self respect. Modesty is a behaviour and attitude. This means modesty is not simply defined by what we wear, but how we act and how we communicate.

What are your thoughts on modesty in fashion?

Cate Blanchett by Will Davidson for Vogue Australia December 2015

6 thoughts on “The Importance of Modesty in Fashion

  1. Fashion and trends change quickly, way too quickly to follow all the newest trends. The best thing to have is a personal style, meaning we adapt the fashion to our personality, but we do not change our personal features just to please some new fashion trend.
    Developing an elegant and personality flattering style can be definitely a gain. You have a great point of view!

    1. Fashion trends do change so quickly, especially with the easy access to fast fashion. I agree, it’s important to have personal style for sure! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me :)

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