The Peace In Staring Outside The Window

96028793a33e0a721e9196ee68aab55e.jpgWe spend more time indoors with a roof over our heads then one may realise. Whether that’s on the train ride home, sitting at the desk at home or working at the office. The walls around us can make us forget the whole world outside of our very own. If we look out the window, there is something inside of us that can be uncovered. If we just look.

If you grew up in the country side, you will understand the feeling of needing to absorb the scenery to contain your own sanity when you’re under stress. There is something about staring at the night sky full of stars or taking in the never ending green hills. Listening to the birds outside, soaking in the Summer air and hearing the crickets sing. When I moved into the city four years ago, I wouldn’t of realised how much I needed those windows. For a peace of mind or for some open thoughts, a window has a simple calming effect that reminds us we’re not alone in the world. Look up at the sky or stare into the distance. The matter is there almost isn’t any time for most people to look out the window. Whether they’re busy, studying, staring at their screens or rushing somewhere. Staring outside a window really allows one to look deeper into their own thoughts, perceptions and emotions.

You may of heard more than once or twice that you only have this life. How true that is though. Yet, taking the time to really self reflect or process one’s thoughts can make us feel more in touch with who we are as a person, rather than a constant movement and interaction with the people, world and noises around us. A flash back to when I was younger, sitting on the school bus on the bumpy country roads. Staring outside of the window. There was always something new to be seen. A dead possum on the road, an eagle flying past or a herd of cows running in the distance rounded by a sheep dog. As a day dreamer, in those situations it’s normal for other’s to ask if you are okay. Why would someone stay quiet and remain oddly inward with not much to say, while the rest of the world chatters away? Everything in this generation appears to be more immediate. We have what we want at a fingers touch away. It’s the unexplored part of ourselves that can only be discovered when we just take time to pause.

Image via Kiki’s Delivery Service; Studio Ghibli

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