I Wish We Wrote More Letters In This Social Media World

fdc83a508772f12ba0485c288d4b24dcThe truth is when I moved overseas, I felt as if the voice of those familiar around me grew quieter day by day. The faces faded in my mind month by month and the memories that once were, disappeared throughout the years. In the reality of life, we lose friendships and we lose touch.

Sadly, the effort is not always returned. Whether it’s making an effort to keep in touch with all those we love. Once I had removed all my social media accounts, whether it was an old Instagram profile, a Facebook  or Twitter account, the silence began. When I was in a long distance relationship, the inbox was filled with long letters about life, the mailbox had a special handwritten letter every month or so and a delivery of a birthday gift would fill my heart with warmth. What I had learned from having a previous Facebook account of hundreds of people, was that everyone can observe another’s life, but it meant nothing unless we truly connect. It also showed how much people relied on Social Media. The inability to be able to send an email, catch up in person or write a letter feels much lesser in a Social Media world, where everything is convenient through a quick message.

I miss that element of surprise of not knowing what someone is doing and the privacy each person has, which was what initially caused me to delete my social media accounts. People will come and go in our lives. It’s part of life. They may of been there once to teach us a lesson or allow us to discover something in our self that we couldn’t. A handwritten letter or card is so rare now a days, that receiving one or giving one feels that much more personal and relateable. The days where writing was the means of communicating. It makes me think back to just six years ago, when I was still writing my essays on refill paper. There is so much honesty in writing that cannot be conveyed in a text or a comment on Social Media.

Remember this, those who really love you will make time for you. It made me realise how much effort I was making to write a simple email or letter, without hearing anything in return. Keeping in touch now has a completely different meaning. We commonly hear the phrase “Let’s Catch Up”, and are faced with the fact that we’re never going to catch up. People are often busy and don’t have time. Yet in this ever changing, fast paced society, we have more time on our hands then we realise, if we replaced the moments we used social media with true relations with others.  The definition of friendship has changed. If everyone left aside their past to a new place, it reveals a lot about those who truly cared and those who don’t. We miss out a personal connection with the noise of Social Media.

image // Arthur Elgort for Vogue US, June 2007 | Keira Knightley styled by Grace Coddington

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