Why I Only Wear Black (Most Of The Time)

0256872bc52a8dbd6157b73e8e3f2c40When it comes to that time of the year to clean out the closet, the same voice over goes in my head. “Why did I buy this?”, “How many times did I wear this?” and “How much did I spend on this?”. A lot of clothes that are often left discarded were only worn a few times, and most of the time they were the floral prints, stripes and colourful pieces. Although my new years resolution throughout the last few years were to try wear more colour, I feel most comfortable and stylish in black. Black reflects my personality. It makes me feel more honest about who I am. Sometimes I want to be quiet, I’m introverted and black makes me feel like there’s nothing to hide (or everything to hide). Black stockings are Autumn/Winters best friend to my lonely legs. Somehow my relationship with blue jeans never last long.

Black, gray and nude. Everyone has a different style. Beige and simple colours are classic or laid back for whatever occasion . Although black absorbs the sun like a killer in Summer, it’s timeless and seasonal. Washing all your black clothes together also simplifies life. If you’ve ever accidentally misplaced your white clothing and underwear in the wash, you’ll know the pain of dyed clothes. The only bad thing I can say about wearing black, is the struggle in diving into your wardrobe to look for a specific clothing, when everything is pitch black. As well as being someone who prefers an easy going start to the day, it makes life less cluttered, without having to choose a print, colour or pattern in the wardrobe.

Let’s face it, as someone who loves fashion, I am all about saving money. Black is one of those fashion choices that makes alternating, matching and creating new looks simple. They cover all the basics (t-shirts, coats, pants, skirts, knitwear) and are re-worn year after year. Truth be told, black can seem serious, but really in the inside I’m very weird. The variety with clothing – well most of the time – come in black. Layering, matching, accessorizing. Black is perfect from the office to the weekend, formal or casual and different events. For me, my wardrobe feels a lot more minimal, fresh and clean without the scattered mixture of clothing.

“Black is not sad. Bright colours are what depress me. They’re so… empty. Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not.” — Ann Demeulemeester


  1. I wear a lot of black. I makes it easy to do laundry, as you said. But five months ago, black became a problem. Buddy’s fur is mainly white and everyhing is covered now.

  2. Hahaha I love black color so much. but I’ll get really pissed of when my black cardigan is darker than my the other black outfits 👖 😂

  3. Absolutely loved this post. I used to try dressing in bright colors myself, but realized it wasn’t for me. Black is just so mysteriously beautiful. I’ll still wear color sometimes, but in darks or subtle hints.


  4. I have self diagnosed myself with FOC (fear of color) and can relate to this post. Black will never be out of style and there is never a wrong time to wear black! I have somehow managed to incorporate black into every outfit for every occasion. It isn’t just a favorite color, it is a way of life, the best way of life. The best people wear all black, we mean business!

    Joss (a fellow black lover)

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