Getting Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Daily Thoughts

Lady-and-the-Tramp-disneys-lady-and-the-tramp-9523713-720-480Do one thing every day that scares you. – Eleanor Roosevelt. If you’re a list maker like me, you will know that feeling of comfort when you tick off everything on your to-do list. We tend to stay in our comfort zones, when we could be challenging ourselves much more. There is something in each of us that scares us. Whether that is meeting new people, public speaking or a job interview. It’s good to address and recognise what frightens you. Most fear is built up with our imagination. Once we conquer it, it may never seem as scary as you thought it would be. Playing it safe can limit us. Sometimes taking risks, challenging ourselves and breaking our safety barrier can make us stronger and wiser.

In order to become a creative being, we must continue to learn everyday, try new things and see things from different perspectives. The next step to growth is movement. But, when we hold ourselves back into a comfort zone, we don’t have room to grow. Our comfort zone has no stress. It’s a safe haven that makes us not worry or feel out of the ordinary. The one thing that’s really important in the lesson of stepping out, is that our mistakes can serve the biggest lessons. We can only improve through making mistakes, trying again and continually improving. Trying new things gives interest and excitement into life.

For example – driving makes me incredibly anxious, because it’s still very new to me. Thoughts race in my mind and I feel like I might crash the car. The thing with breaking the barrier, is that you will experience more confidence within yourself for unpredictability. You will welcome new experiences and be able to embrace everyday as it comes. To live life with constant familiarity would limit the experiences we could have and should have. Try to invite one thing each day that may cause a moment of fear or make you step outside of your comfort zone. Whether it’s introducing yourself to a new colleague, taking a different route to work or learning a new skill.

A certain level of anxiety or discomfort should create more productivity, build extra energy and make you push the boundaries. That way you are able to be more familiar with the new task and following that, the previous fear subsides. There are daily tasks  where we know what to expect, but with the latter there are simply things that are out of our certainty. They take energy and tell us to crawl out of the cage. Of course, there is a level of uncertainty we can allow ourselves. It’s important to take on what you can. Nobody wants to push themselves to the extent that they experience a panic attack.  The more we experience, the bigger our comfort zone grows and the more we are able to tolerate. Experiencing a sense of growth and accomplishment from stepping out is one of the most rewarding feelings.

4 thoughts on “Getting Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

  1. I hate going out when my depression strikes, but I did it yesterday. It was awful, I thought I am going to die, but at least I tried :)

    1. I can relate to this. It’s scary to face the world sometimes. Even going to do the groceries can take more energy than needed at times. I’m so glad you did it, that’s very brave of you :) conquering one fear at a time. X

  2. Very much agree. Driving was so stressful for me when I was learning. I would cry quite regularly. It’s much better now, still get a little anxious when I’m at an intersection though.

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