New Zealand & Australian Ethical Fashion Brands A-Z


It’s really wonderful to have a positive role model (Emma Watson) who not only supports Gender Equality (HeForShe), but also supports the ethics behind a multi-billion dollar industry – Fashion. I am guilty, as many people to use beauty items that are chemical-filled. Yet, the slow transition towards cruelty-free products is a goal I have for any beauty purchases. However, after realising how many items of clothings I was discarding annually, I was shocked at the amount of clothes that each of us are likely to wear a few times, once or never, before throwing or donating them away. Not only is this hugely damaging for the environment, but many of these clothings are cheap, affordable and not made to the highest quality. Fast fashion is like fast food. It’s fast but it’s not the best option.

It may be as well to say that ignorance is bliss. However, with more and more information of what is happening behind the scenes of the working environment, wages, materials and production, I can’t help feel terribly guilty and upset about what is happening. It’s undeniably a struggle in finding ethical fashion brands that are affordable, however I had a look at some fashion brands that have pieces under $150 that are listed below.

The Ethical Fashion Brand List:

Audrey Blue                       Autograph                             Basque                                  BeeKeeper

Bhalo                                   Bianca Spender                    Bon Label                             Carla Zampatti

Charlie Brown                  City Chic                                Company of Strangers     Country Road

crossroads                          Cue Clothing                        garner & fair                       Ginger & Smart

Harry Were                        Jeanswest                               Jets                                         Kate Sylvester

Katies                                   kowtow                                   Manning Cartell                 Millers

Minnie Cooper                 Nico                                          Nobody Denim                    Oroton

Perri Cutten                      Piper                                         Pure Pod                                R.M. Williams

sass & bide                         Scanlan Theodore                Sportsgirl                             Sussan

Suzanne Grae                   The Ark                                    Thread Harvest                   Thurley

Trenery                                Vege Threads                         Veronika Maine                  Viktoria & Woods

WE’AR                                 White Suede                           Witchery

image via Good On You 

2 thoughts on “New Zealand & Australian Ethical Fashion Brands A-Z

  1. As an Australian citizen, I’d love to support local brands and local fashion. When I shop, I think of if it suits my body shape; my personal style and my age, not necessary what’s in trend right now. My latest blog post is in collaboration with Pitchi, which is an Australian (online store) company that based in Melbourne. And I’m very proud and happy to be a part of it:

    Thank you for the great post Katie!

    Vivienne X

    1. I’m glad to hear you support local brands. Australia has many great and talented fashion designers, it’s really amazing. Thank you for sharing a wonderful post with me. X

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