Staying True to Yourself in a Superficial World

bbe6c376c5fc0c5741e69887250477e7There are moments where we stand on our feet and time seems to stop. For me, it would be waiting for the train in the subway or walking on the streets in the early waking hours of the morning. The sun hasn’t quite lit up and the stars in the sky are still bright with the crescent moon following me. There’s a pause to take a deep breath and feel something different from the constant movement. Phones, voices, faces and cars. Instead there’s the trees, shadows, sky, light and air. The beautiful simple things, we so easily walk by everyday without any admiration or gratitude. We bow down to our technology, often forgetting just to look out the window.

In a world where we are told to need more materials that we don’t really need, there can be a blurred line between what’s really important. There is chatter about getting the latest technology and clothes, but seemingly less talk about the things that are important. Whether that’s being a kind, honest and true person or to create positive change. The thing is kindness is from within, where as superficial elements are literally (as Google states) “existing or occurring at or on the surface.” How nice is it to get compliments from people when they say “I love your have gorgeous have great style.” Fact is, we focus (often unintentionally) on only the surface, that it’s become normal.

As people we want a sense of acceptance. The negative is that some people will do anything to be accepted by others, and some, just want to feel true acceptance within themselves. Being accepted should never mean, having to do things you don’t really like, changing yourself to someone you really aren’t and saying things you wouldn’t normally say. Being truly accepted, is being accepting of your own flaws and being okay with that. If we did so much as buying certain clothes or having the latest iPhone to fit in with a group, then it’s being superficial. I recently had a conversation with someone who mentioned how superficial conversation is much more common than introspective and meaningful topics. As true as that can be, it’s a great reminder than things are often greater and much more than they appear.

Have you ever met someone for the first time, and the more you look at them and talk to them, the more you see them differently? The personality part overtakes, and you really get a feel of whether they are a beautiful or unattractive person – simply through their personality. I really believe that who people truly are, overtakes all the superficiality. Whether it’s capturing an outwardly perfect life full of beach side trips, being immaculately dressed or pictures of food on Instagram – it’s only a snapshot. There’s nothing wrong with sharing, but when it comes to social media, people do overshare. What they’re eating, what they’ve bought, what they like wearing. A truly valuable moment does not necessarily need a camera moment to show to others.

Being true to yourself is embracing what you like or perhaps dislike. Be it the music you listen to, the places you like to go and what books you read. Fitting in isn’t about joining the party to have fun, but doing what you believe is fun. This means when you’re true to yourself, you are far more likely to attract friends that you can click with. The thought of having to change oneself to fit in, always makes me wonder to what extent people go to to fit in. Be true to yourself by knowing that true happiness does not come from materials. Don’t make friends for the way they look, don’t treat others different for how they dress and don’t feel better than others simply what they don’t have. Staying true to yourself is being able to treat others how you would want to be treated.

We can never amount our worth buying superficial things.

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10 thoughts on “Staying True to Yourself in a Superficial World

  1. Love this post. “Being accepted should never mean, having to do things you don’t really like, changing yourself to someone you really aren’t” That lined jumped out at me, and I wholly agree with it. The more we try to be someone else, the more we lose sight of what is fun to us, what makes us happy and what makes us unique. Also agree with your thoughts on fitting in. It is not the end of the world if we don’t feel like we don’t belong to a part of a group. We are all different, and if we accept who we are and feel confident in our skin, we’ll attract like-minded people – not necessarily like-minded people who do the share the same interests as us but those who share the same values.

    I love getting to know people and spending time with them if I’m not turned off by first impressions. That said, I try not to judge on the first meeting. The more I talk to them, the more they may feel comfortable and let their guard down and show their true selves.

    1. Hi Mabel, I’m really happy you got a lot out of it. It rings with me too in terms of fitting in, as I really found high school and university was a period of time where many people tried very hard to fit in. However, it often left me feeling left out, as I ended up not joining in a lot of activities for the sake of staying true to my values. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :)

  2. Staying true to yourself is a sign of true maturation and wisdom. It is also very difficult when the opinions of others play such an important part in the life of most people. Great post.

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