The Beauty Of Crooked Teeth

e492d7a64c25f692f6ec9619d0c55b74We all have physical insecurities about our appearances and that’s only normal, because we’re all human. No one is perfect. That’s what makes people so beautiful and unique as individuals. After spending nearly 10 years feeling conscious about my smile, it feels a somewhat relief to write about it. Learning how to embrace your flaws and be confident in them definitely did take time. Although, I may be getting braces soon, it really taught me that often it’s the imperfection that makes a person perfect. It’s often those slightly different parts of people that make them endearing, gives character and makes a person attractive. I adore actresses such as Audrey Hepburn and Keira Knightley. After watching their films for several years, I see how beautiful their smiles are, the way they talk and the way their laugh lights up their eyes. It’s more often the way we feel about ourselves that shines through, rather than simply the way we look. That sort of inner confidence can really be felt by the people around us.

e717304dfe44289af4a822e3eb5ddc07There is something about a crooked smile that feels so real, natural and raw. And as I write this, I feel somewhat hypocritical as I nearly begin my journey to straight teeth. However, I still truly believe that in the end, what we perceive as a flaw may not be to someone else. These beautiful actresses exude confidence and are not afraid to smile. After struggling so many years with embracing the idea of smiling widely, I am happy that I am more careless about it now. If something is funny, I laugh and if I feel happy, I smile without a care. Smiling is one of the most beautiful thing about a human being. Not to mention – it’s contagious!

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2 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Crooked Teeth

  1. My teeth have always been pretty well aligned, but these past years some of them began to slightly move over others. I was not very pleased at first, but I didn’t reallt care. Now I like it !

    I read a post on Garance Doré’s blog a couple of months ago and she as considering getting her teeth perfectly aligned with braces. She said everybody in NY had this smile. I don’t think it is that important, crooked teeth can look great ! Model Charlotte Le Bon has the cutest smile ever ;)

    1. I love that about people – the little minor details that make us different from others! I’m happy to hear that you really like it. Thank you for mentioning her blog – I just had a look and it’s lovely. Ah she does! She’s got a beautiful smile :) x

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