Why Being Skinny Won’t Make You Happy

d80f320cb220078ae0a63e04e5b1d7c2You know what got me thinking? As a society we tend to compare a lot. Whether it’s unconsciously throughout our everyday life, or the constant digital world bombarding us with comparisons of looking like this or that. The emphasis on being a certain weight or the endless articles, videos, news and social media platforms that are titled “How to lose weight” or the more extreme ones that say lose X pounds in 3 days..10 days…3 weeks. The desire to be physically better all the time, means we will never truly be satisfied as we pursue for the unreachable state of perfection. No one can be like somebody else. Sure, with make up and fashion you can mimic a style or try a new look you like. Come to think of it you can present yourself the way you desire. To more extreme measures of plastic surgery, it can be very personal or it can be a state of comparison. People go to huge extremes to be skinny. There is a massive societal stigma on body type stereotypes in recent years. Let’s stop saying “You’re too skinny” or “You’re too fat” like it’s a bad thing. In fact, if we all were able to see inside each others health, I believe everyone would be pleasantly surprise that looks can be deceiving when it comes to true health.

Although, when I think about how much emphasis is placed on size in the fashion industry, my mind is boggled. There is now so much news on accepting different sizes, that we are categorising “real women” as *insert size*. Let’s correct it with – Women are what ever size they feel good in. The emphasis of weight defining our happiness is a mistake we keep telling ourselves.I say this, because I sure understand that feeling. I used to tell myself constantly if I hit this certain weight, if I exercise more, if I do this or that… I’ll be happier – without considering what was healthy. There is huge connection in society that being skinny is healthy, (disregarding being underweight) attractive and the ‘physical goal’. I disagree, because someone could be curvy but completely healthy. I won’t deny that when I look in the mirror I have days where I don’t feel my best (and I’m sure you can all relate to that feeling). Look at what truly makes you feel happy. Don’t ever starve yourself to be skinny. Eat healthy, exercise and be happy. Your problems in life won’t melt away based on your weight.

Here are a list of things that truly make me feel happy:

*Eating and drinking healthy. When I eat lots of fruit, vegetables and oats it uplifts my mood a lot. Having 2 L of water per day will keep you hydrated and minimise any headaches. Not to mention a nice cup of tea to wind down at the end of the day.

*Running. There’s something about running that releases all stress and unwanted thoughts. It makes you feel good and when you feel good you look good. That kind of confidence starts within. If you are striving for a goal, exercise is a great motivator.

*Listening to music. Depending on your mood, listening to certain music can uplift your mood and make you feel happy and energetic. Although, I probably listen to too much music throughout the day. If I’m at home, I’m probably plugged in.

*Talking to Family and Friends and meeting new people. There’s something about talking to loved ones. And then there’s something about meeting new people that you click with that always makes me smile. As an introvert, the sudden small bursts of human interaction gives me a little life before I wind down in my own time.

*Reading and writing. Of course.. reading and writing. It’s both therapeutic and freeing. Reading makes me feel like I’m learning everyday and it also allows me to see others perspective and opinions on life. Writing is a wonderful outlet, especially if you’re a deep thinker. Let go of your thoughts by writing to avoid late night thoughts wandering in.

*Long walks. Taking a long walk by yourself or with someone can be really nice. Breathing some fresh air, going outside and just people watching or embracing the view can be really relaxing. It always gives me a new fresh look at the world around me.

What do you do to feel happy?

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