Why You Need To Drink More Water

9cfec3e471eb404a100ee2be756d8866Drinking water has endless benefits for our health and well being. About 60% of our body is made up of water! Our water consumption includes foods that have high water content – watermelon, oranges, soups. Especially after exercising our body craves water because the water is lost by the body and needs to be replaced. However, this occurs throughout the day, and so it is even more important to consistently drink water throughout the day.

It’s arguable how much water should be consumed per day. I try to have at least 2 litres of water per day after being dehydrated several times enough to go to the doctors and the hospital (believe it or not). Previously, it was easy for me to go about my day completely forgetting to drink anything. This caused a lot of strain on my mind and my body. Whether it was getting headaches, throbbing pain or feeling a lack of energy. Not to mention the dry chapped lips. We are so blessed to have water at our taps and supermarkets.

The benefits of drinking water:

Staying hydrated and awake

Our brain is mainly water, and so drinking it helps it to think, focus and concentrate better. It’s also an energy boost that helps relieve or prevent headaches (which are commonly from dehydration).

A magic skin drink

Dehydration can cause the skin to look more dry and wrinkled. However, with proper hydration the skin can improve and lock the moisture in as a moisturiser. When the skin is moisturised it stays clear, soft and glowing.

It’s a guiltless beverage 

Water fills you up and reduces the feeling of hunger. It can raise your metabolism and is a guiltless beverage, that’s all round healthy. Unlike beverages such as fizzy drinks that are full of sugar or coffee that is heavily caffeinated, water is a natural energy booster.

It’s free!

We’re lucky enough to have easy access to it everyday. Water is life.

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