You Are More Than A Pretty Face

99e4779e51723c2b19e07b484a101058In the era of instant gratification and over sharing, we have completely changed the term sharing is caring. People are sharing a part of themselves they want to show, that may or may not be who they truly are. That’s fair to say, considering that holds true when we talk and choose what to expose to other’s in person. However, what really gets me is young girls who are beginning to look for attention on Social Media for the way they look (particularly when it’s sexualised). With so many images exposed to us everyday, many people are influenced to look a certain way. What really bothers me, is how shallow people have become when they believe that their physical appearances overpowers who they are inside. You don’t have to show your skin to get attention.

You are more than *insert label*. There’s no doubt about that. Beautiful things don’t ask for attention. The true beauty is the one that is felt. We can look at a piece of art, and if it doesn’t speak any meaning to us, then it means nothing. We may not feel anything. However, the breathtaking mountains we see, don’t ask to be admired. They are simply beautiful as they are. There is nothing wrong with feeling beautiful in your skin or feeling beautiful wearing a new dress. Embrace that feeling. What falls false is when we put more emphasis on physical appearance as a huge part of our self worth. Unfortunately, (especially for women) this is a huge issue that is constant. There is a pressure to look a certain way and I often wonder – why is that? What I tell myself and what you may tell yourself – why do we tell ourselves that? It’s because we are all self conscious of certain body parts we have, that’s only natural because well, nobody is perfect.

I wish we could stop lying to ourselves. Stop telling ourselves that we are not enough. Not beautiful enough. Not thin enough. Not good enough. The truth is you are enough. The body you are breathing in is perfect. Sure, if you want to get more fit, eat healthy or live a better lifestyle, then that’s improvement for your well being. There are endless magazine articles, blog posts, youtube videos, newspapers and billboards that tell us to be more this and more that. To achieve a certain perfection that never ends. It’s an endless cycle that persists to makes us feel a level of worthlessness in order to earn money.

Remembering that we are all living, breathing human beings is a reminder that we are all on this Earth for a reason. We all make mistakes, we all face a new day and we all have our personal struggles. Let’s embrace who we are. We are more than a pretty face. Women have the ability to make great change as part of society. This should not be limited due to a shallow perception of women based on their physical appearances. Let’s stop scrutinising every perceived flaw of a person’s appearance and consider a person’s true quality and character. Let’s acknowledge other’s dreams, goals, creativity, intelligence and experiences. That’s something that lasts a lifetime, because let me tell you, look’s fade.

You are more than a pretty face.

Photo by Teresa Q

3 thoughts on “You Are More Than A Pretty Face

  1. This was perfect… I’ve been sleeping on your posts and now I feel great regret, I’m loving your blog and your posts are so relevant. I’ve got to say after reading this post I feel so inspired. Thank you x

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