It Is Both A Blessing And A Curse To Feel Everything So Very Deeply

15558454240_6426f82546_k.jpgMy mind has been flying endlessly among the hills lately. Whether it’s laying in bed telling the voice at night to be quiet or the feeling of fear flickering back. To feel deeply can often lead to be misinterpreted. There are times of feeling sad for no reason and laughing with joy. The most important thing is to wake up out of bed in the morning to a new day. Meeting new people in Sydney in the one year that I have been here so far has truly given me more insight on how different we all are (seems obvious huh?). It also made me realise, when I moved to a new country surrounded by all new senses, that the old me would be left behind. The idea of feeling deeply can often be misunderstood. How can one feel so much for no give reason? Why does the body tremble with no warning, the tears spilt before you feel them and yet, a part of your insides cannot comprehend why.

The blessing with feeling deeply is developing the ability to be empathetic. As a person that leans towards the sensitive side, I cannot help feeling how someone may feel in a certain situation. If I have been in a similar situation, I can deeply relate, and if I haven’t then a part of me tries to look at it from their perspective. Life experience is something we all cannot avoid if we want to live on this Earth. To feel deeply, may also signify that you think deeply. As someone that is irrevocably a deep thinker and over analyst, it can be a true blessing and utter curse at the best of times. I was reading a bible verse that really struck with me, which was: Don’t worry about anything, instead pray about everything.. Philippians 4:6 which really spoke to me, simply because at the end of the day hope drives out all fear no matter what we believe in.

Another blessing to feel ever so deeply, is to absorb the happiness in the present moment. That when one truly feels happy at a certain moment of their life, it is felt very deeply. It means a lot and is filled with unforgettable memories. To feel deeply in love, happiness and joy. To feel strongly for the wellness of others and for the care of others. However, in turn it can be a curse when one falls deeply down a spiral. Overpowering feelings of sadness can bring tears and hopelessness. Being emotional can be a strength at the best of times. However, after many years on the journey of coping with anxiety, the realisation how important it is to process emotions into thoughts is a huge distinction to make. Our emotions can lie to us or it can be more honest than anything. Emotions – they make you human.

We often forget that humans all feel those feelings. Happiness, anger, sadness. In a world that prefers seeing happiness, it can often drive out the acceptance to feel anything different. Just remember, it’s okay to not be okay. After feeling disappointed and hurt, the highs and low had such a huge contrast that I needed to let go. Words can often cut deeper than knives. Metaphorically speaking, words can stay with you the way no wounds from rocks can heal.  The sensitivity and thought process to speak before I think, can often be good in making sure I don’t say anything that is inappropriate or offensive. However, in turn, it can make it difficult, especially in meeting someone for the first time. My mind thinks of about five questions in a row, and a part of my mind stops itself from speaking them.

We can sometimes feel as if we are the only ones feeling a certain way. Then again it’s very easy to forget that there are 7 billion people on this planet. I remember hearing one of the best advice, which was that as individuals we often exaggerate our own self worth as the most important. The way we feel, what we have been through and no doubt that our individual lives are as important as the others around us. However, we often use a microscope to look at all the bad things, that we forget to look at the bigger picture. Imagine looking at your own situation from the perspective of a stranger or friend – how do they picture it? Often things aren’t as bad as they seem. Don’t be afraid to feel or share your feelings, especially with loved ones. They truly care and want to know. Never be afraid to be you.

The worse thing when feeling deeply is to contain those emotions in a bottle. This is better learnt than never. If you want to laugh, if you want to cry, if you want to shout – let it go. Release the emotions so that they won’t torture or constrict you. “Don’t think too much” is a phrase I’ve heard all too often. As someone who thinks a lot, it’s easy to forget the simplicity that is life and all too simple to create the complexities. A question I was asked when I was going through a struggling period is “Will this matter in 5 years time?” and the truth is that the answer was always No, it won’t. This is an acceptance that challenges come into our lives for a reason. They allow us to grow, learn and appreciate life.

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6 thoughts on “It Is Both A Blessing And A Curse To Feel Everything So Very Deeply

  1. Very true I think it makes you a better person more caring but hurts you more. But I am fine with that. You learn to accept your emotions better let them feel themselves and handle them better.

  2. I love this so much. Sensitivity to emotion and stimulation of all kinds means I need time to process things deeply, and when I don’t get that time, I get more frustrated and things build up. that’s one of the curses. But all the blessings more than make up for that.

    1. Thanks Rachel. Definitely more blessings, I suppose it is just the time it takes to process many things. At the same time, it makes us appreciate things like music, nature and the simple things in life :)

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