A Letter For Anxiety: Everything Is Going To Be Okay

it’s okay to not be okay.Β it’s often the most simple things that bring us the greatest joys.

Some days feel good, some days feel strange. But in the end everything is going to be okay. It may not always feel that way, but it will. Isn’t it much easier for others to tell us that it’s going to be fine? Dealing with anxiety, panic attacks and bursts of emotions can be incredibly unsteady. The heart pumps, the breathing quickens and the body shakes inside out. Fear flashes through the body. Thoughts of ‘no one understands how I feel’ or ‘why is this happening’ rush into the mind. Unable to explain the inexplicable feelings rushing through your veins. Unable to express the pulsating feelings that happen irregularly. Moments of happiness, smiling and laughter warmly rest like a Summers day, with the warm concrete ground. The harder task is hiding emotions by wearing a mask while you put on your makeup in the morning, you put on the smile.

The past is the past, and the future is unknown until it happens to become the present. It never truly arrives, as it sits in the distant opposite the never ending tunnel. Worrying about nothing. Well, that’s all too common, when we have much to appreciate in the moment. Tomorrow will come, but yesterday is gone. Today is all we have. The gift of today keeps us going. God will always be with us through every step of it all. Tears may be spilt when you feel sad for no reason. Lying in bed may feel difficult, and nightmares of the past may haunt you. Yet, something in side calls for the light. For a candle to ignite a gentle flame. A little nudge, reminding you that you are going to be okay, alright and fine as can be.

Making friends can seem difficult, when you don’t know who truly understands your strange and quirky mind. But finding the one makes your soul spark. Tingling with happiness from the small things, and smiling to fight through the day. The universe is an infinite place. The beautiful stars fill the night skies, and we are just one small part of the beautiful place. Reminding yourself that our problems are often much more minuscule than we perceive. Don’t lose your fiery childlike imagination and no worries nature, whilst going about your day carefree. Then tell yourself, that everything will be okay. I promise.

14 thoughts on “A Letter For Anxiety: Everything Is Going To Be Okay

  1. Everything will be okay, but in the moment it’sso easy to forget this and let anxietytake over. It clouds our judgement and lies to us about what is really happening or what has happened or what will happen. I’ve found the best way for myself to deal with this and rememberthat everythingis going to be okay is to stop, breathe and like you said, enjoy the moment. Great post!

    1. Thank you for your comment. It’s true how it can lie to us and let our imagination run wild with things that haven’t and most likely won’t happen! That’s wonderful you have a way to deal with it – it’s so important. I agree – I find taking time to breathe slowly and deeply is so simple but calming.Thank you. X

  2. As someone who suffers from anxiety, this post spoke to me. It is never easy living with anxiety; at times it can be crippling and it can strike at the most public of times, for example when you are speaking in front of someone.

    I hate panic attacks when they hit me. Your description of it is apt. You can’t see, you feel so afraid, your whole body feels like pins and needles…and usually it’s all over in twenty minutes. Thankful sentiments course through you.

    “Tomorrow will come, but yesterday is gone. Today is all we have.” So well said. Today is always a new day and it is always what we make of it :)

    1. I’m really glad you can relate – it’s always comforting to know that we are not alone in having these experiences! Thank you for sharing your experiences, I always enjoy reading your posts. X

      1. Your welcome. Yea I agree writing is great in so many ways. I wrote my friend Paris a love song for Valentines Day. I think I am going to work on writing songs they are too much fun and the girls I write them for really like them. This diet for my diabetes is going well. Happy about that. Hard work pays off!

      2. Thanks I am going to shift back to short stories as they are a lot of fun. I will continue writing the songs as people have liked them so I feel I am not too bad at it. The main thing is I have fun doing them. I love writing.

  3. This is great! Reading this and understanding that there its ok! I have bad anxiety too, I tell myself I’m alright. I can relate to this post, being alone with no one its great for myself to read your blogs! Thank you!

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