A Smile Is The Best Makeup You Can Wear

e692975c707015398765e3208e6b9bfbDo you ever notice how much happier you feel when you smile or burst out with laughter. All the anxiety, tension and worries seem to melt away. Smiling can really be one of the most simple ways of making someone’s day. Talking to other’s always seem much more comfortable and smiling can give a friendly first impression. I love the way people’s eyes light up when they break out into a smile. Just a simple smile can brighten someone’s day.

A genuine smile overpowers any amount of makeup applied, new haircut or wearing stylish clothing. People are much more drawn to people who give off a positive vibe. It’s attractive and contagious! One of my goals this year is to wake up every morning and smile in the mirror. Which sounds strange, but trust me, it always makes me feel better about myself. It reminds me that there is always something to smile (be grateful) about.

Our eyes may be the windows into our soul, but a smile can express a lot about ourselves.
Whether or not we smile in different situations, can influence the ways people may perceive us. A smile is not only beautiful, but beneficial for your health, perception of life, work environment and social life.

A happy face can persuade you to be in a better mood, make you look younger, make someone’s day, lessen the tension and make you happier!

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