Love Is Something You Grow Into

The first time you fall in love is always a magical experience of fireworks and butterflies. There is a huge difference between falling in love and staying in love. The strong infatuation at the beginning of a relationship, often subsides over a period of time. The realisation that nobody is perfect is the beauty of love. At first it may come as a hard knock on the door, but this is where I truly believe that love is something we must grow into.

When we first meet someone, we are still getting to know them. The important thing to remember is that we all have flaws, but it’s the willingness to change what we can and accept what we can’t and leave be. Being attracted and having a crush on someone, is something that fades over time, once the excitement is over. The rush can often be more exciting, but really getting to know someone is a different feeling. Love is always here to stay. The one’s you love will be there for you and make you feel good about yourself.

Have you ever noticed, the more you get to know someone you truly enjoy being with, the more attractive they become day by day? As you get to know them inside out you realise how amazing they are, that no matter how physically attractive they are, it’s no longer what you see. It also shows how much looks cannot surpass the survival of a relationship. A simple reminder for growing love, is that Good things should never be rushed. It takes time.

The thing is, love is something that is not always perfect. There are always ups and downs, but it’s the willingness to go through them together, that makes it true love. If you only believe that love is simply a feeling, then it will always seem fleeting and unfulfilling. It is also a choice we make. Love is chosen through feelings, actions and expression. Falling for the romantic idea of what love is, can be a lovely feeling, but it’s not realistic.

I was reading an article that said Falling in love is actually a lot of work. When we first fall in love we see everything good in our partner, we work hard to do things for them, we present ourselves well and we listen carefully. However falling out of love is easier because it means to fall away from doing the simple things that keep us in love. Whether it’s not having as much appreciation or when we stop doing things for each other. It’s a simple reminder to keep that energy, enthusiasm and effort. If anything love is more about being ‘best friends’ than the romantic comedies show.

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2 thoughts on “Love Is Something You Grow Into

  1. Well, it takes me average 18 months to fall out of love. 18 months was; and perhaps still is, the length of time that I either break up or work on a relationship. When I was in my 20’s, most of the time I chose to end and move on.., now I’m older (and hopefully much wiser), I’ve learnt to work harder on a relationship if it is worth saving…
    Very interesting topic Katie, I enjoy this post!

    Viv X

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. That’s definitely true, a relationship that’s worth treasuring is worth both your time too. I am on the edge of turning 20, and am surely learning everyday! ❤️

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