How To Talk To A Quiet Soul


In a world that is full of noise, we can lose the ability to spend quiet moments of peace. One thing I find enjoyable, is being able to be with a loved one, and not having to speak a word. Sitting at a cafe, sharing a meal or reading side by side. There’s no need to talk and yet it’s completely comfortable. No matter how much I do enjoy conversations with people, I tend to lose interest quickly if it’s very superficial and shallow. A common assumption is that quiet people don’t like meeting people, are anti-social and can often come across as rude. All which are not true, and highly dependent on the individuals personality. But, of course stereotypes will be stereotypes.

We can talk constantly, draw attention, engage others. But all this means nothing in the end if our words aren’t filled with meaning. Empty words. Have you ever heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”? It speaks for itself. I know people who feel uncomfortable in silences, you know, the ones who feel awkward, you see them fidgeting and aren’t able to comprehend that they are sitting in silence. I carousel quietly in that. Hoping that they can appreciate the silence with me, before engaging in the next interesting topic. Expression is not only articulated through words. Often it can be expressed through actions, facial expression, music, art, laughter and.. silence.

Silence can speak clearer than words. Sometimes having someone’s company is enough for their understanding of certain situations eg. Having a bad day. I love the feeling of getting to know people on a deeper level. However, I find in our technological society, it is actually incredibly difficult. Many parts of it sit on a visual level and nothing deeper. Have you ever felt the slight sadness in losing touch with friends. I mean, the one’s you haven’t seen for a long time, and suddenly you lose touch, even though technology is as convenient as ever. The reason being is that it’s an ‘effort’ for many people to send a simple email or letter. Naturally people come in and go in our lives. Silence – it happens for a reason. The absence of talking.

An example is my appreciation for people who do great things, without having to acknowledge it on Social Media or tell people. They are the people who act on their ideas for change. Sure, using Social Media is a great tool for sharing change. But, nothing truly changes unless we act up on it, rather than pressing a share button. Often understanding when we need to speak up and when it’s better to remain quiet are equally important. It’s also best not to constantly ask a quiet person if they are okay, if they are upset or why they are so quiet. All things which happen to me very often. It can make the person feel insecure and feel as if they are odd for being more quiet, than loud. Which should never be the case.

Even today, many people speak loudly with what they don’t wear. The less people wear, the more attention. We can prove so much more of ourselves, than the physical aspects. Rather than giving an impression of an outgoing, carefree, loud and funny person. Let’s talk with love, intention, true interest and meaning. Let’s not fill silence with hurt, fear, rubbish, gossip and empty words. The world already speaks so loudly. Remember to stay in touch with your inner peace and appreciate moments of quiet. They can often be the most touching.

“speak only if it improves upon the silence” – Gandhi

“when you speak, you are repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new” – Dalai Lama

6 thoughts on “How To Talk To A Quiet Soul

  1. Love this! With phones and so much technology nowadays, we’re starting to lose basic people skills like the ones that let us pick up on emotions and such. It’s really quite terrible. We think we’re improving society, and we are, but we’re also destroying it. :/

    1. Thank you :)! It’s true isn’t it? A lot of people use technology to communicate in social situations, but just being in each other’s presence is sometimes enough.

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