Love List: 5 Things I love About Taiwan

8f9b7205792e126fe386e5131688f1a4Of course, after travelling to Taiwan and flying back to Sydney, I miss many things. The main memories I get from Asia, are my family. New Zealand and Taiwan are two places that hold a dear place in my heart, because the people I love are there. Not to mention Sydney now, where ever my love is. However, there are far more than 5 things I love about Taiwan, but I thought I would list some that I can think of straight away since arriving this week. Still feeling a little jet lagged (with only a 3 hour difference!)but nevertheless feeling the wonderful twinkly energy of being back into routine.


1) The sweetest cat place, at Houtong Cat Village. Cats sleep so very much, but when they are awake, they walk around and give this place so much life. What a special place to visit in my last week in Taipei.


2) 紅豆湯! Every year I return, there is a new food that I can’t stop eating every second day or third day. In 2014 it was Dumplings. Red Bean Soup is delicious and very good for you. If you are a sweet tooth – try putting brown sugar.


3) Biking everywhere. The wind, the road and the wheels. I forget how much I love to bike. It’s very convenient, environmentally friendly and lifts up your mood. See the world at your own pace.


4) All the cute things. From shops that only sell Cat things (accessories, stationary etc..), Dog things, LINE characters, Hello Kitty, Cat and Dog Cafes and all things cute that one can fully embrace in Asia!

5) Taipei Fashion. I really love dressing with inspiration from Asian fashion, as a lot of it’s very sweet, cute and lovely. The colours are more neutral and the sizes in Taiwan are a good fit. I love people watching and seeing beanies, collars and long black culottes with boots on the streets of Taipei~


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