Taiwan Diary 2016: Houtong Cat Village 猴硐貓村

HoutongWhat a lovely place. A one hour train ride from Taipei City and you arrive at Houtong Cat Village. The perfect place for cat lovers. It is also a wonderful place to relax and take a deep breath. The beautiful mountains made me reminisce of New Zealand, and the scenery is quite breath taking. It was a pity the weather was very misty and rainy, however that didn’t stop people from traveling here. The cats are taken care by the people there, with little cat houses and food bowls around the area. The gray day meant the cats were sleepy and mainly wanted to stay under shelter. Every few steps we would hear a little kid shout out “貓咪! (Kitty!)” They are like celebrities there, with cameras taken out quickly to take a snap. PB255725Travelling from Taipei Main Station, we went through a direct route, without transferring. You just have to purchase a ticket at the Station and wait at the platform. Unlike MRT, you can eat on the train.

As you can see, most of the little sweeties were sleeping or eating. It was terribly cold today, but seeing these guys made me smile :) There were even a few that stood confidently in front of the camera.

A map to get around, unless you are feeling spontaneous you can simply go all the way around to every area. There are lunch places that greet you when you walk out of the station. To avoid cues try to come on a weekday or arrive before lunch time.


The little cat houses were seen around the area, and to get into the village you need to go up several stairs and past a bridge. The bridge and the area used to be a coal mine.

The “cat food” was too cute to eat! Pineapple cakes, Lolly pops, Cream buns and more in the shape of cats. The funny thing is the first animals we saw when we arrived were pet dogs.

The cat shops had all kinds of cat related products. Hats, Socks, Purse, Stationary, Postcards, Stamps, Stickers, Ceramic Bowls, Hair Accessories and so forth. A word of advice, would be to come on a weekday, as the weekend was very crowded, which meant the wait for trains was longer.

Some unrelated photos for memories. And of course food…

Image from Wandering Seoul | cute travels | katiepassionfruit

6 thoughts on “Taiwan Diary 2016: Houtong Cat Village 猴硐貓村

  1. I would love to go there. Lived my whole life with cats. My current cats are a couple characters. Seymour is Siamese and a gentle cat more reserved and wants to do his own thing. He lets me pick him up but he prefers to just to do his own thing. Kaley on the other hand is a moody cat she doesn’t like it when I write too much and don’t give her enough attention. She tries to eat plastic I have to stop her and she is quick to put up the paws and take a shot at me. She is a fighting kitty. My childhood cat Tiki I spent the first 19 years of my life. He was a family cat and the best cat ever. I miss him but from time to time he reappears in my stories. I wrote a song about him recently ‘Tiki Song’. It was pretty good.

    1. Ah you definitely should some day. Especially on a sunny day when all the cats will be out and about. That’s wonderful that you love cats. Kaley sounds like quite a character! Siamese cats are beautiful. Seymour must be quite the handsome one. It’s amazing how long cats live for. I’m very tempted to adopt a cat in the near future. What a great way to remember Tiki! I had 3 cats in the past. The first one was called 小偉 (which means Little Hero in chinese), and he was a ginger cat. Summer was a black and white cat, who was quite friendly and loved people. Bubbles was a wild cat that we adopted as he always visited us.

      1. Cats are awesome. I am glad you love them too. Yea Kaley favors me out of everyone in the family though so I feel glad to be the one she visits most. You should adopt a cat. Cats are wonderful. They make me happy. Yea Tiki was great he helped give me a great childhood. Summer sounds like Seymour. Seymour likes visitors and new people.

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