December 2015: Taiwan Diary

IMAG3110(1)Christmas time is a special time of the year, where one can spend time with family and friends. With the new year just around the corner, it seems the best time to reflect back on 2015 and create new goals for 2016. It has been an exciting, emotional and wonderful year. It would only feel right to finish the year by spending it with the ones you love. Cherish time with your family. I realised how much less I took photos this time round and spent more time enjoying every moment. Nevertheless, I wanted to record some special moments. This time of the year is my best excuse to eat as much cake, with my sweet tooth. It may feel as if each year flies by, and we have all heard everyone say Time flies. It could not be any truer. Make the most of every 365 days of the year!

Having the opportunity to meet different people from different countries was quite interesting. It was great to see that anyone can speak, learn and write Chinese. The top left photo is of me and my sister at an event celebrating the arrival of Winter. Of course, as part of Chinese culture, food is always a very important aspect. The top right photos are at a Christmas Party. The bottom left is another Christmas Party, and I am giving my present as part of Secret Santa. The right bottom photo is speaking Chinese to the class.

From window shopping, Italian restaurants, Cat patting and Christmas Parties, I had to take a snap of Sam with the teddy bear. There are many sales on with the season changes, Christmas, Boxing day and New Years. Going overseas is also the best excuse to eat as much food as possible, especially if you are coming to Asia, where the food is very affordable. The shop keeper even tried to persuade me to take this sweet cat home, and how I wish I could. She would nudge me and sit there, camera shy, but waiting for me to pat her.

It may seem rare that most people can meet their great grandmother. In the photo is me, my sister, my great aunt and my great grandmother. The view outside was beautiful, even though it was a gray day. Nothing can beat Chinese food (says myself who loves Japanese and Italian food). One thing I love about Taipei, are the winter days when the beautiful blue skies come out after days of gray and rain. There is a certain warmth that’s not too hot nor too cold. I also love the different cafes, and how each cafe has a different style, different food, different music and feeling. Seeing family was definitely the number one highlight, and not to mention the food.

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